Hazel Moore, Destiny Cruz and Naudi Nala desperately need basketball tips, so they seek the help of John, the school’s ex-basketball captain. John’s tips prove to be more difficult than the girls expected, and they work up quite a sweat from the drills. Destiny, Naudi, and Hazel want to cool down, and the three friends couldn’t be more excited to show John how they typically beat the heat.
Naudi Nala’s stepdad Filthy has a talk with her about the nasty things and foul language she’s been using, saying that it’s not how he raised her. Filthy decides that his little girl clearly must be punished so he puts her across his knee for some serious spanking. Turns out Nala likes it way more than she should and ends up showing her stepdaddy all kinds of naughty tricks.
After Naudi Nala is caught shoplifting, she is reprimanded and brought into the back office for interrogation. Marcus has difficulty getting information from the young thief, so loss prevention officer Penny Barber offers a helping hand. Now, if Naudi wants to avoid serious punishment, she’ll do whatever Penny tells her.
Roommates Tommy and Naudi go to see Dr. Marcus London for a therapy session. Tommy tells the Dr. that she is feeling weird about Naudi always copying her style and everything she does. Even though Naudi denies doing such things, Dr. London decides to do some exercises with them to get the girls to feel more comfortable with each other. One thing leads to another and somehow they all end up naked on the couch!
Penny Barber catches her stepdaughter, Naudi Nala, getting naughty with her English teacher, Marcus London. At first, she is absolutely livid, but Penny wants some “English lessons” herself after seeing Marcus's talents. Soon after, Penny makes a proposition with Marcus, and if he wants to buy Penny’s silence, he’ll get Naudi into a good school in addition to other terms as well.
Rumors have been circulating about Mike Avery’s inability to last long in the bedroom. Luckily for Mike, his stepsis Naudi Nala is willing to help and put the rumors to rest. The issue is worse than initially thought, and soon, Naudi is helping Mike build up his endurance again and again and again.
Freya Von Doom and Naudi Nala prep for a college party and pick out their most seductive outfits. There to help is Filthy Rich, who the girls can always rely on for great advice—the girls love showing their appreciation for Filthy whenever they can.
Harper Red, Naudi Nala, and Ozzy SparX formed a book club to discuss and share their favorite titles. But when newcomer Nicky Rebel arrives with an evocative alternative, these three ladies begin experiencing lustful and sensual desires like never before that will require a special helping dick from the new member.
Mia Kay and Naudia Nala get caught shoplifting, and loss prevention officer Mike Mancini puts them through an intense interrogation. When the two girls admit to their crimes, Mike strikes up a deal to make sure they stay out of trouble.