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Stella Chiyoki was walking home when a white van stopped next to her and the boys were asking questions about her music taste. Usually any girl would just keep walking but they kept dropping $100 bills like they are printing them at home. Next was the $1000 offer for her panties. They really had a ton of money. She took them off and handed them over. Tony Rubino used them as his new bandana. They offered $5000 if she would get into the van with them. Don’t do this at home girls!!! But she did! So yeah, more money got her stripped naked and in no time she was doing a lap dance and sucking Tony’s dick and then Tony was fucking her in all different positions while the car was driving all the way to the west. Tony fucked her more until he came all over her face. Then they stopped, tricked Stella out of the car and drove off into the sunset leaving her stranded.
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This time we went to the beach looking for spring breakers and we found Alexis Tae, she was riding a scooter so we followed her until she stopped. I needed an excuse to approach her so I asked her about the scooter, I found out she was here for spring break and looking to party, have fun and sex, she flashed us for two hundred box, after that it was kind of easy to get her on the bus. She likes guys able to tell her what to do, to show interest in her and just take her pussy. Fortunately we had Tyler, who did exactly that, he took her shorts out an started fingering her, a few minutes later she was sucking his dick and then she got fucked, doggy, cowgirl, reverse until Tyler delivered his cum all over her face, by that time we were already in the Everglades so I suggested her to go out naked and take a selfie. Of course as soon as she step out, we ditched her in the middle of the highway.
I was walking with my friend Max when we saw Josephine Jackson, an all-natural brunette who looked stunning in her short white skirt. I went up to her and started talking, but she didn't speak Czech, so I continued in English. I told Josephine I was casting for a TV show, and I would pay her 100 euro to show me her boobs. Josephine did not believe there was a TV show, but she did like money, so she accepted the offer anyway. For more money, she showed us her big ass, and then I asked her to suck both our dicks! Josephine...
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Kira Queen es una sirvienta normal cuando su jefe está cerca, pero cuando se va, Kira pasa de limpiar a ensuciar mucho las cosas. Cuando su jefe, Kristoff, regresa a casa temprano para ver a su criada de grandes tetas meterse en todo tipo de problemas cuando él no esta presente, rápidamente decide unirse a las tareas del hogar y obtener la limpieza de lujo de su polla.
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August 7th 10:44am - Case # 9631742 - Grand Theft - LP team has been brought to this location due to thousands in unaccounted for merchandise. Suspect was tiny and swift, able to grab large amounts of merchandise quickly and sneakily. LP officer got two steps ahead and set a trap for this little devil. After being caught, Suspect sat nervously in backroom LP office. This transgression turned into quite the sticky situation. Evidence logged on AUG 7, 2019
Today we find Juliette Mint out in the wild she says she's going out for lunch with friends but Peter has a different lunch in mind for Ms Mint a mouthful of dick and cum as precursor to he meal for the day, to which she obliges and empties his balls for sure.
I saw Lilit Sweet walking around and I found her very pretty, so I asked her if she would mind chatting for a bit. We got to talking, and I found out Lilit was in Prague on vacation. She was gorgeous, so I asked her if she had ever done any modeling, to which she replied she had not. I offered her 100 euro for a quick casting, specifically, to show me her boobs! Her tits were very perky and made horny, so when she flashed me her ass I offered her 400 euro more for a blowjob. When the money was in Lilit's hands, she...
I had the lovely Charlie Red as a student today in the Mean Orange Machine. Charlie started the lesson well enough by identifying the pedals, tying her seat belt, and disengaging the handbrake, but once she got the car rolling, the trouble began to set in. Charlie was a bit behind on her ability to shift gears, and stalled the car a few times. I suggested we change places so I could take her out on the road. While we drove, Charlie asked how long it would take to get her license. I told her it would take more lessons, which she did not like, so she asked how she could speed up the process. Charlie knew how to entice me, and flashed me her tits. I tried to remain professional, but when she showed me her ass wearing matching red lingerie, I wanted to fuck her. We pulled over and she gave me a blowjob, then fucked me hard until I could pull out and cum on her pussy!
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