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Barbie Feels thought she’d spend the whole summer break with her stepson Tyler. She has been looking forward to bonding with him since forever. However, his girlfriend, Aria Valencia, is spending too much time in the house with them. Barbie is feeling a bit jealous, but she needs to learn how to share time with his stepson, even if it means doing everything her girlfriend does to him.
There's only one way to deal with junk: head-on. With an upgraded ship, captain Dex (Xander Corvus) and his crew are ready to take on Krieger, but before they can use their new weapon, Krieger ports engineer Kami (Tru Kait) aboard, then starts firing on The Truck! Jaz (Ella Hughes) and Hudson (Danny D) attempt to get Kami back as Dex tries to hold out against the onslaught. Will the ragtag crew manage to outwit the powerful warlord and live to fight--and fuck--another day?
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The wedding day is finally here, and tensions are at an all-time high between the bride, Ryan Keely and Serena Hill, her awful stepmother-in-law. Minutes away from walking down the aisle, Serena is horrified to find Ryan wearing a white dress just like hers. Serena freaks out and confronts an adamant Ryan, starting a tremendous fight. Serena finally decides to call the wedding off and tell Oliver, the groom, that she can’t accept his stepmom. Suddenly, Ryan comes in and apologizes to Serena. The two patch things up and the ceremony is back on, setting the mood for a very hot wedding night between husband and wife…and stepmom-in-law!
Sydney Paige and her stepdaughter Khloe Kapri are called to Principal Ryan’s office after he discovers that Khloe stole some golf equipment. The girl is now in danger of being expelled from yet another school since this is not the first time she has had problems. Her reputation and future are at stake, so Sydney and Khloe will have to do exactly as told by the pervy principal to avoid expulsion.
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