Security officer Jack brings suspected thief Barbie Feels to the backroom for questioning after she’s caught stealing some electronics. Officer Jack performs a strip search and he finds some earphones in her pants so after she’s completely naked he does a deep cavity search. Officer Jack then gives her the option to walk free but first she’s gonna have to show him how sorry she is for stealing, starting by getting on her knees and sucking his cock!
Case #9476360 - May 1st, 1:36 PM. Suspect is a young, adolescent female. During apprehension, she argues with the Loss Prevention Officer over the validity of her detainment. She is convinced that because he knows her personally, there is an ulterior motive. Nonetheless, he performs his duties, and retrieval protocol is followed to a tee. The rest of this case is considered classified. Evidence logged on May 1, 2019.
Cassidy Michaels a sting was set up, and both were caught in the act. Employee was immediately arrested and suspect was taken to LP office for questioning. Suspect was a pro and this was not her first operation. After hearing suspects side of the story and some legal bargaining, suspect was able to escape jail time with the promise of returning all stolen merchandise. Breaking of this agreement will result in automatic incarceration. Evidence logged on Feb 07, 2017.
Caso # 4532668 - 29 de marzo, 7:23 PM. El sospechoso es una joven adolescente blanca. Se han reportado algunos artículos que faltan, pero no se pueden encontrar. La escoltan a la oficina de atrás y la interrogan. Después de una búsqueda intensiva, los artículos se encuentran en unos pantalones sospechosos. Para recuperar los bienes robados, el guardia de seguridad usa tácticas discrecionales. El resto de este caso se considera clasificado. Evidencia registrada el 29 de marzo de 2019.
Case #7905414 - May 29th, 3:23 PM. Suspect is a white, adolescent female with dark hair. Suspect is caught stealing items from the jewelry department. Upon search, a large bracelet is found in her underwear. Advanced retrieval methods are employed, and the case is settled between the Officer and the suspect without law enforcement involvement. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on May 29, 2019.
April 24th, 4:14 PM. Suspect is a young, adolescent female. She has been observed performing inappropriate acts of exhibitionism and lewdness. The masturbatory behavior is reported and the Loss Prevention Officer detains the suspect. After identifying her from several internet based sex sites, he proceeds to perform disciplinary action. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on April 24th, 2019.
Case #7492305 - April 10th, 9:43 AM. Suspect is a young, white adolescent female with blonde hair. She has been apprehended after a recent spike in criminal activity in the store. However, when the suspect is detained, it is revealed that she is the bosses daughter. After some empty threats to the Loss Prevention Officers job security, proper disciplinary action is taken. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on April 10th, 2019.
Caso # 4958302 - 6 de marzo, 5:45 PM. El sospechoso es una joven blanca de pelo oscuro. Ella ha sido detenida después de usar técnicas de robo muy populares. Intenta correr por la tienda y llenar su bolsa con mercadería, pero el Oficial de Prevención de Pérdidas pudo detenerla y acompañarla a la habitación de atrás para la recuperación de artículos. Luego se despliegan pasos de interrogación avanzados. Evidencia registrada el 6 de marzo de 2019.
Cute blonde Chloe Rose is an aspiring model a little short on cash. She’s got a photo shoot coming up so she has no better idea than to steal a couple of bikinis to wear on the audition. But security guard Tommy caught her in the act and took her to his office for some questioning. After a full search, Tommy realizes that Chloe was wearing the stolen bikinis. Lucky for her, he’s an understanding fella, and he’s more than happy to let her go as long as her modeling body doesn’t go to waste…
Caso # 7863337 - 23 de octubre, 16:53 horas. La sospechosa es una mujer blanca, joven. Se la ha observado escondiendo productos que se venden en la tienda dentro de su sostén. El servicio de seguridad la detiene y la interroga, usando un lenguaje severo para obtener una confesión. Después de negarse a admitir sus crímenes, el sospechoso recibe una búsqueda intensiva. El resto de este caso se considera clasificado. Evidencia registrada el 23 de octubre de 2019.
Caso # 3428210 - 27 de marzo, 3:16 PM. El sospechoso es una joven blanca de cabello rubio. Ella ha sido reportada robando con un compañero que ha logrado escapar. En el interrogatorio, se descubre que su compañero es su novio. El Oficial de Prevención de Pérdidas intenta hacer que el sospechoso llame a su pareja para recuperar artículos robados. Después de algunas negociaciones, logra llegar a un acuerdo con el sospechoso. El resto de este caso está clasificado. Evidencia registrada el 27 de marzo de 2019.
When loss prevention officer Marcelo suspects Coco Lovelock of stealing, he brings her into his office for interrogation. He learns she’s congressman Lovelock’s daughter and has some fun dissing Coco’s dad while he searches her for stolen goods. Marcelo finds all types of stolen goods in Coco’s backpack, and she knows that unless she pulls off some slick moves, she’ll land in serious trouble. Coco uses her cunning and sweet petite body to win Marcelo over.