JC Wilds goes to her doctor appointment to deal with her low libido problem, but first the doctor’s assistant Electra Rayne will prepare her and take some notes on her vitals. Electra keeps complimenting JC and saying how beautiful she is. When Dr. Hardy examines her, Electra suggests that they give her the natural, and rather naughty, treatment!
Electra Rayne loves to play video games and live stream to level up her stats and connect with fans. She wants to get freaky naughty while she is gaming...and has pictured her pussy being rubbed while she is commanding the joysticks. She starts by sucking him off until she can't keep focus on her game and shifts her mind to the one track of fucking that cock!
You can run, but you can't hide your feelings from Electra Rayne. This gorgeous stunner who describes herself as "emo but sparkly" is trained in forensic interview and interrogation, and boasts a degree in linguistics, so she can always detect the sincerity in her partner's voice when they are talking dirty! Electra is exceptionally good at reading and talking to people, and making them cum. With 32DD big tits, this Chicago native likes concerts, roller coasters, and spending time with her pets. Proving that smart is sexy, this educated hottie can't be stopped, and you can see why in the scenes below!
Mofos es una de nuestras productoras preferida y como siempre nunca nos decepciona ya que nos da maravillosas escenas. Hoy le toca a Reina Ryder y Electra Rayne, dos hembras que están dispuestas a enseñarnos lo que se tiene que hacer en una escena lésbica real. Es realmente una maravilla ver a estas dos en acción, no te lo pierdas.