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When Celestina Blooms visits her stepgrandpa Jay she notices that the house is very hot, and she’s getting too sweaty so she strips down to her underwear. Jay claims he can’t fix the A/C but he knows other methods to cool down and regulate their temperature… things like sucking on stepgrandpa’s cock!
Jack and Mike both receive a phone call from their stepdaughters' school informing them that they were failing a few classes. The stepdads decide to get together and try to tutor the girls, but River Lynn and Celestina Blooms are too distracted to pay attention. The stepdads swap, Jack taking River to the bedroom and Mike helping Celestina on the couch. Devious behavior interrupts their study when Jack, Mike, Celestina and River decide to all take care of each other’s deep urges.
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Dee Williams is concerned about her stepson Tyler Cruise, who can’t seem to meet any girls independently. That’s when she invites over Celestina Blooms to help. Before she can introduce the two, though, Dee needs to make sure Celestina passes “inspection.” Afterward, it turns out that Dee’s work isn’t done, and she needs to intervene a little more to break the ice for Tyler. Once he gets going, he knows just how to impress Celestina all on his own.
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