Case #9314752 - April 15, 2020. 3:32 PM. Suspect is a brunette adolescent female. She identifies herself as Angelica Cruz. She is observed stealing items by store employees and is promptly reported to the Loss Prevention Officer on duty. After searching her bag, the Officer discovers a stolen book in her possession. He conducts a strip search to make sure she has nothing else hidden on her person. He also takes photos to document the proceedings. The rest of this case is classified.
Sera Ryder and her stepbrother Alex tried to shoplift from the cruise’s gift shop because their parents refused to buy them souvenirs. The plan backfires miserably and the two step-siblings are taken for questioning by not one but three officers. Guards Jack, Celtic, and Mike have no tolerance for these kinds of brats who try to get away with stealing, and they are also a horny pack of fuckers who smell fear from the distance. They know the kids don’t want their parents to find out, so they come up with a plan: they will fuck Sera to let her go without any charges, and to ensure the stepbrother’s silence, he will have to fuck his stepsis too! Axel joins the guards reluctantly to gangbang Sera, who will have to take as much cock as possible to avoid the consequences.
Case #5680244 – April 11th, 2:13 PM. Suspect is a blonde woman over the age of thirty. She identifies herself as Lisey Sweet and is filed under our Must Implement Liberal Frisking (MILF) category. She is suspected of stealing several expensive pieces of lingerie. Upon detainment, the suspect demonstrates a contentious demeaner. She curses at the Officer on duty and denies the allegations adamantly. However, upon search, the stolen items, including stolen jewelry, are found on her person and proper protocol is carried out. The rest of this case is classified.
Case #9682219 – April 1st, 3:47 PM. Suspects are two blonde females, mother and daughter. The younger suspect identifies herself as Ashley Lane. Upon detainment, the suspects begin coughing, informing the Officer that they may be suffering from coronavirus infection. As a result, the Officer dons a protective suit and conducts a thorough cavity search. He progresses to the more invasive portion of the search while wearing the suit. The rest of this case is classified.
Sarah Lace is at that age where she is curious about sex and everything around it. Being the reverend’s daughter, it’s hard to get access to information, so the innocent virgin girl is a bit lost. One day, she tries to steal a couple of porn DVDs from the mall, but Rusty, the security guard, easily catches her. A lousy thief, Sarah fails to hide the stolen goods, sparking Rusty’s curiosity as to why she is stealing porn. He soon realizes he has just detained his pastor’s daughter, and that the girl just wants to explore her sexuality. After a thorough cavity search, Rusty strikes a deal with Sarah: she can go if she plays with the officer’s cock. On her knees, Sarah begs Jesus to forgive her before swallowing Rusty’s dick, enjoying every second of it. Sarah understands she found what she was looking for while the officer stuffs her up, popping her cherry in the hottest way possible.
Case #8845021- March 14th, 9:32 AM. Suspect is a black woman with long, dark hair. She identifies herself as Kylie La Beau. After the Officer on duty informs the suspect that she has been caught on camera stealing jewelry, she adamantly denies all charges. However, a strip search reveals a stolen piece of merchandise in her underwear. The suspect hopes to avoid prosecution and tries to reason her way out of detainment. But the Officer ignores her requests and conducts a thorough cavity search. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on March 14, 2020.
Nicole Luva tried to pull a shoplift by making a friend call the mall to distract the clerks while she stole a couple of rings. Unfortunately, Officer Kent caught her and took her back for questioning. The innocent girl is afraid of the repercussions, and the security guard knows it, so he tries to intimidate her to confess by stripping her off and doing a full search for stolen goods. Naked and uncomfortable, Nicole is at Clarke’s mercy. Enjoying his moment of power, the officer strikes a deal with her: she can go this time without facing the consequences if she can fondle her a little extra. Nicole timidly agrees, letting Clarke touch her tits while she masturbates unwillingly. This makes the security guard extra horny and eager to fuck her. Nicole bends over and lets Clarke do his thing, secretly enjoying this bittersweet moment
Case #7485950 – February 29th, 5:34 PM. Suspect is a woman of average height. She identifies herself as Sovereign Syre. She has been observed hiding items from the storefront on her person, and the Officer detains her. She resists and requests a female Officer to conduct a search, but is denied. The Officer on duty conducts a metal detector search and discovers stolen goods in her undergarments. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on February 29, 2020.
Case #8374658 - March 28th, 4:52 PM. Suspect is a red-haired woman over the age of thirty. She identifies herself as Amber Dawn, and is filed in our Must Implement Liberal Frisking, or MILF, category. Store employees report that the suspect has been observed pocketing items from the sales floor. A search reveals that the suspect has hidden a pearl bracelet in her vaginal cavity. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on March 28, 2020.
Penelope Woods is shopping at the mall with her stepdad Mike when they both get detained by rookie officer Elias Cash. Confused, Mike threatens Elias and inquires about what happened to Penelope when the young security guard goes looking for his supervisor. It seems that Penelope really wanted a speaker but Mike didn’t want to buy it, so she decided to steal instead. Suddenly, there are three offices in the room: Elias, Jack, and Ken. They know the young girl is a shoplifter, so they’ll have to conduct a thorough cavity inspection on her in front of her stepdad. Upon stripping her, the officers finger her pussy to ensure nothing is concealed in there. Mike tries to avert the gaze, but can’t stop looking at his stepdaughter getting checked by the security guards. After the inspection, the officers have enough evidence to press charges, but they are horny as fuck and willing to let the girl go if they can fuck her. Penelope is disgusted with the idea, but her stepdad is afraid of things getting worse, so convinces her to let the officers do whatever they want with her. The guards tag-team to pound their pussy and document the whole situation on camera. They want to ensure that Penelope learns her lesson, and there’s only one way to do it: a creamy facial!
Case #6541348 – March 11th, 9:32 AM. Suspect is a black haired, adolescent female. She identifies herself as Alize Haze. She is detained after breaking a glass display case in the store. She claims it is because she caught her ex boyfriend with her best friend, but the Officer does not accept the excuse. To avoid potential jailtime, the suspect agrees to follow Loss Prevention Protocol. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on March 11, 2020.
Case #7017346 - March 18th, 8:32 PM. Suspect is a bleach blonde adolescent female with blue eyes. She identifies herself as Sky Pierce. The Officer on duty believes that the suspect’s friends has hidden stolen items in her purse without her knowledge. He confiscates and searches it, uncovering the stolen jewelry. The suspect is distraught but complies with a full-body search. The Officer concludes with a thorough cavity search as well. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on March 18, 2020.
Willow Ryder has a breeding kink, but her boyfriend refuses to creampie her because he’s afraid of getting her pregnant. She’s been fantasizing about it so much that she finally decides to go and steal a dildo that creams. The problem is that she’s a broke college student who can’t really afford such a high-tech toy, so she opts to steal it. The curly-haired babe is caught by Officer Gunn, the mall’s tough security guard. Desperate, she conceals the kinky item inside of her. Now in the security guard’s office, Tommy strips Willow to conduct a thorough search. The guy gropes the nervous girl’s petite tits down to her pussy and ass. Suddenly, the dildo falls from her, shocking the Officer. Without any options, Willow explains to Tommy her secret fetish of getting seeded. The truth is that the girl is just desperate to feel the warm sensation of man juice inside of her, and she can’t convince her boyfriend to do it. Sympathizing with Willow, Tommy offers her a solution: she can go free of charge and get cummed inside by the officer. A definite win-win situation, Willow opens up her pussy for Tommy to fill her up.
Whitney Wright is no stranger when it comes to troublemaking. The rowdy teen babe has had her fair share of risque encounters, and she has no intentions of slowing down her sex-crazed lifestyle. Whitney recalls her sessions at Perv Therapy or when she messed around with her friend’s stepdad. These moments stand proud as some of her life's most daring and exhilarating times. There is nothing more that Whitney enjoys than a good fucking. Her desire for cock rules the various aspects of her life, and she’s always on the lookout for the next good time. This good time comes when Whitney shoplifts, and loss prevention officer Will catches her. Will brings Whitney to the back office for interrogation, where he attempts to get a confession from her. Whitney does confess, but Will needs to conduct a more thorough search anyway, as he knows there is something more to Whitney’s story. It turns out she was shoplifting and damaged store property in the restroom....
Tessa Thomas thinks she can get away with stealing, but loss prevention officer Mike stops her before she can make her escape. Tessa hides the makeup up her skirt, but Mike soon discovers the products. Tessa’s heart is racing because she knows she’s in trouble. This isn’t Mike’s first time around the block, and Tessa knows it. Mike asks the beautiful babe to start taking off her clothes so he can conduct a strip search. Tessa is confused, but she knows she must listen to Mike if she wants to avoid serious consequences. It’s almost a little exciting, stripping in front of some random stranger who holds all the power. While Tessa hasn’t been with many men at this point in her life, being submissive in this situation was somehow thrilling. As Mike spreads Tessa’s legs and feels up her body, Tessa gets the impression that she isn’t leaving that room without doing something for Mike. Her suspicions are confirmed, and Mike wants Tessa to prove how sorry she is for stealing. The two get right to the point, and Tessa gets on her knees to suck Mike’s cock. The situation is humiliating but somehow fun. Tessa lets Mike take full control, and he uses her mouth as he pleases. Mike moves Tessa to the desk and fucks her hard. Tessa had never been fucked with so much intent before, and although the situation was intense, it was also more exciting than she could have imagined. When Mike can’t hold his load any longer, he coats Tessa’s face with a thick load of cum. She quickly gathered her things and vowed never to shoplift again.
When Judy Jolie gets caught stealing, the security guard takes her to the back and gives her two options: he can either call the cops or handle the transgression himself. Judy does not want to get the police involved so she reluctantly complies to go through this very thorough cavity search.
Melody Marks is a fairly innocent schoolgirl who just wants to do well and go far in life. When she needs a camera for a school project but is short on cash, she opts to steal one from the store. But given thievery is not Melody’s strong suit, loss prevention officers catch her before she can make her escape. She now sits in the back office, nervous and afraid of how this will affect her permanent records and chances of advancing in life. Officer Jack confronts her, and Melody swears her innocence. She hides the stolen camera in a file cabinet while alone in the room. Little does she know that the office also has security cameras, and Jack sees her attempt to ditch the evidence of her crime. Jack is even more suspicious of Melody and explains he must do a strip search. Melody is floored - she can’t believe she has to strip naked in front of a stranger. Still, she doesn’t want to get in more trouble, so she does what he says. Getting naked is a little exciting, although she knows it shouldn’t be. Jack rubs her tits and body. Was this part of the search, too? Melody is starting to feel a bit turned on by the scenario, but she has to play coy. She wondered if this was the first time Jack had brought a girl back here to “search” them, and the thought excited her a little more. When Jack can’t find any more stolen goods, he strikes up a deal with the gorgeous young thief. If she wants to leave the store without repercussions, she’ll play around with him a little ...
Case #8911699 - February 26th, 10:23 AM. Suspect is a dirty blonde adolescent female. She uses the alias Cindy Cumdumpster before identifying herself as Alice Merchesi. She physically resists being detained and refuses to identify her male accomplice in the suspected theft. Using a metal detector, the Officer scans her for stolen items. Ultimately, the suspect agrees to a compromise with the Officer to avoid law enforcement involvement. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on February 26, 2020.
Caso 7463748 - 10 de Enero a las 2:54 PM. La sospechosa se dedica a robar en establecimientos de el centro comercial utilizando los atributos que dios le ha dado y la cirugía. Le realizan un registro y se dan cuenta que esta ocultando objetos en su persona y luego es escoltada a la oficina para un registro en profundidad. Allí, ella niega haber robado algo, pero trata de sobornar al oficial. El oficial responde en consecuencia antes de liberar al sospechosa. El resto de este caso está clasificado. Evidencia registrada el 10 de Enero de 2020.
Bella Luna has always been a loner her entire life. Suddenly, the popular girls found interest in her and decided to let her hang. Little did she know that they were just using her as a scapegoat to steal. Now, she’s the one stuck in the mall’s security office. Officer Vegas tries to be sympathetic to Bella’s situation, but the crime has been committed and he has to report it. Bella desperately begs for a way–music to the security guard’s ears. As he pulls his cock out, Bella proves herself that she might not be popular but she does know how to please a man.