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Mandy Waters is a physical therapist and her neighbor, Derek, knows this. So Derek stops by Mandy's place because he needs some help. It seems like he's always hard. Mandy isn't sure she can help him with that, but Derek reminds her that she is a PHYSICAL therapist. Convinced she can help, Mandy takes off Derek's pants and helps drain his balls of all the pent up cum that's been keeping him hard.
Mandy Waters has a bunch of chores for her stepson Jodie Johnson to do while she's in the shower. Jodie agrees to do the chores, but before he goes ahead and gets busy with the work he's supposed to do, he peeps on Mandy in the shower. He gets a few sneak peeks before Mandy tells him that she knows he's looking....
Mandy Muse está trabajando en su forma de yoga con la ayuda del instructor Xander Corvus. La tiene concentrada en su respiración mientras transita a través de una serie de posturas, aprovechando cada oportunidad que tiene para "ajustar" su postura. ¡Después de palpar las tetas y el culo de Mandy, Xander realmente pone a prueba su respiración al deslizar su polla dentro de su culo!
Mandy thought her stepdaughter was bound to become her class’s valedictorian, but Serena was caught having sex with the whole football team! Principal Rebel summons Mandy to his office to discuss what happened, in the presence of a concerned Serena, who’s under a lot of stress right now. Mandy wants only the best for her stepdaughter and understands that pressure led her to do this, but she needs to work something out with Mr. Rebel to avoid any consequences in Serena’s permanent record. Lucky for them, the principal comes up with a little learning experiment that is sure to keep Serena out of trouble. The guy grabs Mandy and Serena’s hands and puts them over his crotch, guiding them to his notorious boner. Knowing that this is a valuable lesson for Serena, Mandy watches as her stepdaughter sucks Mr. Rebel’s cock with shame. Soon after, stepmother and stepdaughter join forces to blow the principal, ensuring that Serena gets all of her negative thoughts out of her mind by choking on her principal’s dick with Mandy. As Mr. Rebel moves on to fuck Mandy while Serena eats up her stepmom’s pussy, the pervy school authority promises them everything will be fine and makes Serena call her daddy to tell her nothing is gonna happen to her.
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Roxie Sinner has had enough of her roommates Azzy Star and Mandy Waters hooking up all over the apartment, so when she walks in on Mandy fingering Azzy in the kitchen, Roxie fingers the pie on the counter in an over-the-top imitation, then kisses Azzy. The tattooed hottie is intrigued and seeks out Roxie later in the laundry room, licking her pussy. These babes pour slippery detergent over their tits and rub them together, then it's Roxie's turn to taste the curvy babe's pussy and suck her big natties before they scissor on the floor!
Mandy Waters is having plumbing issues so she has her landlord stop by and take a look. After he is all done in the bathroom, Mandy invites him into the bedroom to fix her pipes as well, but her landlord is a married man. It's too bad, because Mandy has been going through a dry spell and she loves older men. After a few minutes, her landlord decides that he can't let an opportunity like this pass him by and takes Mandy up on her offer to lay pipe.
En todo local de copas hay unas expertas en limpiar sables, ven una polla de grandes dimensiones y se lanzan sin dudarlo. Este es el caso de Mandy Waters y Luna Luxe, que como hemos dicho ven una polla y se lanzan como si fueran la unica del mundo y ...
Sheem the Dream brings the bodacious Mandy Waters for one hot interview. As soon as the conversation starts, the sexy milf is already flirting with Sheem, hoping he shows her his big fat black cock. The stud loves the attention and can hardly resist an eager gal, so after a couple of sassy questions, the two move to a more private spot so Mandy can work her magic on Sheem’s dick. The hunk pounds Mandy’s pussy with intensity, and Mandy retributes Sheem’s efforts by screaming loudly while she feels his man-meat deep inside her.
Todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que Mandy Muse tiene un culo grande y hermoso, por eso en una tienda China es el último lugar donde debería estar. Mandy no tiene conciencia espacial de su culo gordo y golpea un plato tras otro, causando miles de dólares en daños. Afortunadamente, James es el dueño de la tienda y es comprensivo, y no va a pagar por ello. Como recompensa por su amabilidad, ¡Mandy le ofrece una compensación anal!
After church, Millie Morgan and her stepson Joshua Lewis join Mandy Waters and her stepson Jodie Johnson for a cup of coffee. They're gushing about the new pastor when Jodie asks Mandy if he can watch. Mandy waves him away. When Millie asks what Jodie wants to watch, Mandy informs her that Jody and everyone else thinks that Joshua is planting his seed in her. Laughing, Millie shows Mandy where she and Joshua have been gardening. They call the boys over, but when Millie asks Joshua to show their guests how he helps her plant seeds he goes for her tits. Millie sighs and says that yes they fuck but it's better than going through socks. Jodie does go through a lot of socks, so Millie offers to go to the couch to show how it's done. Soon, Millie is topless sucking Joshua off while Mandy gets on her knees to blow Jodie's dick...
There's no need to be shy about dropping your pants in front of tall, blonde MILF Mandy Rhea, because as a former nurse, she's seen it all! And as a stacked, dominant hottie, Mandy will take the lead in ordering you out of those pants, sometimes even in public. Mandy laughs that she behaves "inappropriately" when she goes out, from slipping out of her panties at the bar to full-on public sex, and if you're lucky enough to join her, there's only one thing to say: "Yes, ma'am!"
Hairdresser Mandy Waters knows just how to take care of Oliver Flynn as he waits for his girlfriend to get her hair done. She shows him to the waiting area and offers him a scalp massage, motorboating his face against her tits as she strokes his head. The lucky guy gets his cock sucked and Mandy even rides him while his girlfriend's none the wiser... at least, until she catches her man balls deep in the hairdresser!
Sydney Paige and Mandy Rhea, two sexy stepmoms, have decided that they are going to dress sexy this year for their first Halloween after the divorce from their awful husbands. Unfortunately for them, their exes came up with excuses and left them stuck with their boys, Berry and Nicky. The gals are pissed because their plans to have a sexy night of fun are in danger, but they might as well make the best of it and come up with some new horny ideas. Mandy and Sydney agree that they can swap and have sex with each other’s stepson, a situation that soon evolves into a lusty foursome.
Jimmy and Parker want to go to a party, but they’re shut down by their stepmoms, Mandy Waters and Spencer Scott, because it’s Yom Kippur. They must act tough, but Mandy and Spencer are just as horny as Jimmy and Parker and can’t wait to break their fast. Thinking they’re alone, Mandy and Spencer have a little girl-on-girl fun, but their stepsons catch them in the act. If the milfs want their stepsons to keep this a secret, they must offer something for their silence. The milfs get right to work and show Jimmy and Parker things they’ve only ever dreamed of!
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After a wild night out, Selah Rain and Baby M go back to their room to have some fun of their own, only to find Scorpio on their bed. At first, they are shocked, so he offers to go away, but the two gorgeous babes don’t mind inviting him to their hot private party as long as he shares his huge black cock with them. What started as a scorching lesbian moment ends up in a jaw-dropping threesome between the two beautiful white chicks and the black stallion.
What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Penelope Kay and her swap mom Mandy Waters can't help but make eyes at each other. The girls wanting one another is a total turn on for swap husband Will Pounder. Meanwhile, Penelope and her swap brother Diego Perez don't get along at all....