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Kay Lovely and Codey just came back from the fair but Codey's sister couldn't go with them, so Kay got her a present from the fair, just for her best friend. Once in the house they confess that they are both in to each other but Cody's sister is not there so now they can get it on!
Sexy realtor Lexi Luna is showing a house to Kyle. Everything is going smoothly but she wants to sell this house fast! When Kyle checks out the bedroom, Lexi makes her best move. She loves to have her clients test out the bedroom properly and make a great fucking sale!
London River gets a phone call from her husband and he says he won't be home in time to take their friend to the airport. London takes matters in her own hands and gives him a proper send off by fucking and sucking all his cum out. Don't miss it for anything in the world, it's one of these scenes that you have to save in your private video library for later use and...
Jazlyn Ray is moving out of town so she stops by her good friend's house to say goodbye. Her friend is at work though, and the only one there is her friend's brother Lucky. Jazlyn goes to his room to say to say farewell but before she leaves, she has a confession to make with him. Jazlyn has always wanted to fuck him and now is the last opportunity to make that happen.
Kiki Klout is horny as fuck so she makes up a story that her sink is acting up just to lure her friend's husband in and fuck him. At first he doesn't even realize she's flirting so she grabs him by the balls and demands him to fuck her right then and there and promises to keep it between themselves.
Brookie Blair is single and ready to have some fun. She just moved into a new neighborhood and already has her eye on the next door neighbor. After a little small talk, she already needs some neighborly help with borrowing some sugar... and some cock.
Es difícil masturbarse en la casa de tu amigo; sabemos que simplemente no es lo mismo. Y Skyla Novea experimenta la misma dificultad al tratar de relajarse junto a la piscina en la casa de su novio mientras está fuera. Pero no puede hacerlo y se marcha frustrada a la casa, encuentra la respuesta a su problema sentado allí en el sofá: ¡Johnny, el novio de su amiga! Ella está en bikini, ¿por qué no sacar sus grandes tetas para ver si Johnny echa polvo rapidito? Al principio está un poco enfadado, con Skyla por que es la amiga de su mujer. ¿Pero quién puede resistirse a un gran par de tetas cuando te miran fijamente a los ojos?
Casca Akashova doesn't like her daughter's boyfriend, Tyler. Casca's husband isn't too fond of Tyler either, so he gives Casca permission to do whatever it takes to have Tyler dump their daughter. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries, she can't convince Tyler to leave her daughter alone. So Casca pulls out the big bribe and promises to fuck Tyler like he's never been fucked before. That's one deal Tyler couldn't say no to -- banging the ultimate MILF.
Al ladrón! Espera, no, es solo Annika Eve usando una toalla y tratando de tomar un té porque no podía dormir. Pero ahora está desnuda en chanclas y sin té porque el amigo de su novio, Kyle, pensó que era un ladrón y estaba a punto de atacarla, y por temor a que dejara caer la toalla envolvió su cuerpo desnudo. Kyle rompe el momento incómodo y le da un cumplido por sus bonitas tetas naturales y su cuerpo, algo que Annika nunca recibe de su novio. El cumplido lleva al beso, el beso conduce a chuparse las tetas, el chupar tetas conduce a una mamada, la mamada conduce a follar en la cocina, follar en la cocina lleva a Kyle lanzance su carga de semen por toda la cara de la novia de su amigo. Vale la pena defenderse de estos posibles ladrones.
Sophia Leone is signing some closing papers on her house when she reminds her agent, who is also her neighbor, about the naughty times they've had together. Her agent is married now and tries to resist Sophia's advances at him, but once Sophia pulls her tits out of her shirt he can't help but suck on them before fucking her nice and good on the couch.
Lucky trusted his neighbor with a spare key to his house and is in need of it. He stops by to pick it up only to find Harley King. Harley lets him know that his neighbor isn't home but he's welcome to stay and keep her company until he gets back. Naturally, the best way to kill time and get to know each other is by fucking each others brains out!