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Katrina Colt has a crush on her roommate, Alina Ali, but is too shy to tell her outright, so she comes up with a sneaky plan. Katrina hires a fraudster to pretend to be a psychic, offering Alina an in-person fortune reading for her birthday. But when the fraudster, Jayden Cole, arrives and meets Alina for the first time, Jayden is immediately attracted...
Cherry Kiss and Katrina Colt hare having coffee while their stepsons hang out. Parker Ambrose and Juan Loco come in and ask for a ride to the golf tournament. Their stepmoms agree, but first they have to get changed. When Cherry and Katrina come in dressed to the nines, Juan calls Katrina on how nicely they're dressed. Parker agrees that Katrina and his stepmilf Cherry are way too hot and that they may cheat on their dads. Instead, the hot mommas tug the boys to the couch and fall backwards, shoulder to shoulder, so that Juan can eat Katrina out while Parker does the same for Cherry...
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Bella Rolland falls in love with the house and is ready to put in an offer right away, but homeowner Donnie Rock wants to wait for the open house before he makes a decision. Realtor Katrina Colt is willing to do whatever it takes to get Bella's offer accepted, so she makes an aggressive offer of her own, sucking Donnie's cock as they haggle. She calls Bella over to help, and soon the lucky guy has two very motivated babes sharing his dick.
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A boss, Bridgette B, has invited two of her employees, Katrina Colt and Lulu Chu, over to her house for a talk. As soon as Katrina and Lulu see each other, it's obvious that there is tension between them. As they all sit down and talk, it's revealed that Katrina and Lulu don't get along at work and that it has been affecting productivity. Since they're great workers, Bridgette wants to find out what the source of the problem is.
Aria Valencia is waiting for her boyfriend to take some boner pills for a really good time. Juan claims that he has taken three of them, which leaves them enough time to make out before the pills really kick in. As they're kissing on the couch, Juan's stepmom Katrina Colt gets nice and touchy feely with him while telling Aria to treat Juan right. Aria is convinced that Katrina wants to fuck him, but Juan claims that's not true at all....
Sarah Taylor and Katrina Colt are hanging out with their stepsons, Jimmy Michaels and Ricky Spanish. Sarah plays a video game with Jimmy while Katrina chills with Ricky. When Sarah pulls out Jimmy's stiffie to stroke it, Ricky wants the same treatment from his stepmom. Instead, Katrina sends Ricky over to the couch where their neighbors are getting busy with each other to learn how families get along. As Ricky goes to the couch, Katrina storms out.
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What’s up, MYLF lovers? It’s time for a new experiment featuring gorgeous Katrina Colt as the protagonist and Aria Valencia. We hope you enjoy it, and please, tell us your thoughts. We aim to please, so keep your comments coming. In this scene, Katrina plays the mean boss that everyone fears. She talks down at everyone and yells at them when she’s angry, which is all the time. However, she’s got a great pair of tits, and her employees think their productivity would increase if they got a look at them. Elias tests out this theory with a brand new pair of X-ray vision glasses, and he’s surprised when he realizes they do work! Katrina meets with him privately, and the glasses give Elias the confidence he needs to fuck his boss and show her who’s really in charge.
Katrina Colt’s birthday is coming, and her stepson Zane almost completely forgot. Lucky for him, his best friend Elias, who has always had a crush on her, has a horny idea to surprise his friend’s stepmom. When Katrina discovers her gift, she is super excited and wants to thank Elias for all the trouble. Slowly undressing him, the MILF goes for the boy’s cock and lets him pound her pussy. Suddenly, Zane walks in and sees the two in the middle of a raunchy fuck sesh. Rather than feeling upset, Zane starts to jack off to the scene, but the temptation is so big that he ends up joining for the fun. Katrina is more than happy to let her stepson play, so Zane and Elias tag-team to fuck Katrina.
What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Molly Little and her swap mom Katrina Colt are getting along just great. In fact, the entire swap family is into it since Molly is free use to her swap dad Will Pounder and her swap brother Juan loco. She tries to hold the moan as Katrina chops veggies and the two guys get handsy with her. When Juan flips up Molly's...
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