There's only one way to deal with junk: head-on. With an upgraded ship, captain Dex (Xander Corvus) and his crew are ready to take on Krieger, but before they can use their new weapon, Krieger ports engineer Kami (Tru Kait) aboard, then starts firing on The Truck! Jaz (Ella Hughes) and Hudson (Danny D) attempt to get Kami back as Dex tries to hold out against the onslaught. Will the ragtag crew manage to outwit the powerful warlord and live to fight--and fuck--another day?
As the crew of The Truck and their new passengers look for a way to get Krieger the bounty hunter off their backs, they discover crooked cop Hudson (Danny D) has been negotiating with him on the downlow. Jaz (Ella Hughes) suggests a way to get a weapons upgrade, if they visit her old crew on Ocraxia. Dex (Xander Corvus) and Hudson are held up while pirate queen Crash (Jasmine Jae) invites Jaz to negotiate. Jaz will have to prove her loyalty by showing Crash's new second-in-command, Red (Juan Lucho), her devotion, and after sucking his cock, Jaz and Crash both get their asses fucked! Meanwhile, Hudson and Dex learn firsthand just how the Ocraxians treat men as a sexy pirate (Ava Austen) demands they take turns eating her pussy till she's satisfied.
The real Vermin took down the evil mastermind behind the reign of terror in Paradise City, the corrupt Mayor Stone, but that doesn't mean the fight is over. Mrs. Stone (Kenna James) suits up for battle, ready to lead the Bad Vermin in her husband's stead. After making it clear she won't stand for insubordination, Mrs. Stone celebrates her takeover with a hot threesome with gang members Riley (Dante Colle) and Drake (Nathan Bronson) while the Bad Vermin women take a lesson in what it means to be a girlboss. The war isn't over... it's only just begun.
After the shocking confrontation at the mayor's house, Lucy (Ana Foxxx) wakes up tied to a chair in Vermin HQ, and she's about to learn that all is not what it seems. Leaders of the real Vermin, Kitty (Maddy May) and Ozzy (Michael Vegas) tell Ana that the reign of terror in the city is actually masterminded by the mayor and ask for her help taking him down. Lucy just wants to get the hell out of Paradise City... but a rough threesome with the hot Vermin leaders might just be enough to change her mind...
Bad Vermin babes Lace (Mona Azar) and Sasha (Avery Jane) mask up and bust in to a warehouse, taking out the security guard in a shootout, then heading for the real prize: the company offices. The boss won't transfer them his business's bank balance, but when they spot employee Shawn (Alex Jones) watching them suck each other's tits on his boss's desk, he tells them that he hates this job and he'd be happy to give them the assets. They decide Shawn deserves a reward for being such a good hostage: their ASSets!
Chloe Cherry HATES having to move in with her mom's new boyfriend...and especially hates sharing the living room with her new step-bro. She decides to do yoga right in front of his dick anyways...and gets a stretching out she never imagined!
Vigilante group the Vermin have caused 30 straight days of anarchy in Paradise City, and the chaos is just getting worse. Lucy (Ana Foxxx) may be a badass, but she's just trying to get through the day and earn enough money, including whatever call girl jobs she can get, to leave the city. When she's summoned to Mayor Stone (Scott Nails)'s mansion, she's surprised that she'll be taking care of Mrs. Stone (Kenna James), and that Mr. Stone isn't staying to watch. The blonde rich bitch wants to be thoroughly dominated by Lucy, and her husband paid enough for her to get whatever she wants. But what Lucy doesn't know is Mr. Stone is watching her lick his wife's pussy, sit on her face, and scissor her... on a monitor in another room as he fucks his mistress, Stella (August Skye). Lucy thought it was just another job... until she gets pulled deep into the conflict tearing Paradise City apart!
Beautiful Kenyan Zaawaadi has a banging body, a big ass, and gorgeous tits, but it's her confidence that makes her a draw in the smut biz. Seemingly always in control, and in tune with her pursuit for pleasure, Zaawaadi's cool self-assurance is beyond seductive. Originally getting her start in smut by shooting with her husband, Zaawaadi traveled to Berlin where she became a camgirl. Her success led her to try shooting full on porn, and a star was born. Now shooting with some of the top pornstars Europe has to offer, it's only a matter of time before this sensual beauty and her signature hairy pussy become a household name!
Simon (Oliver Flynn) is getting a little too curious about the house and its goings-on for hostess Lola (Luna Star)'s tastes. Lola and Tiny (Ariana Van X) invite him for some fun in the sun to tempt him with their lush bodies as they enjoy each other in the great outdoors... distracting Simon as their housemate Cherry (Zaawaadi) goes through his belongings back at the house. Simon's not ready to break his resolution to give up sex... yet... but as she licks Tiny's pussy, Lola is confident it'll just be a matter of time!
Reformed bad boy Simon (Oliver Flynn) thinks he's going on a voyage of self-discovery to become a better man, but he finds far more than he bargained for. After his ex girlfriend Bree (Kenna James) directs him to a little island off the coast, Simon is quickly approached by the mysterious Lola (Luna Star), who invites him back to her Bohemian household of beautiful women who make a habit of picking up strays... and sharing them with each other. Simon's surprised to see Lola watching as Tiny (Ariana Van X) openly gets fucked by another drifter Lola brought home, Joe (Danny D), but he's about to learn that's only the beginning!
After Officers Vennix and Laredo pull up to the firefight, it's anybody's guess how it will go down. Inside his warehouse, Duke (Scott Nails) tries to keep the Synthetics (Roxie Sinner, LaSirena69) safe... and they're starting to get overloaded and ready to blow. He'd better let the horny robots use his dick to burn off their excess energy. Meanwhile, out in the Wasteland, the bounty hunters bring prisoners Dexter (Van Wylde) and Officer Laredo (Isiah Maxwell) back to their outpost for warlord Ruin (April Olsen) to deal with... but the men are shocked to learn she's a Synthetic too! After sucking and riding Dexter's dick, the insatiable conqueror unties them both to get just what she wants: a hard spit-roast.
The most bumping city in the Wasteland is Red Gate, and as the leader Duke (Scott Nails) DJs at the nightly rave, it's full of babes wearing next-to-nothing dancing like there's no tomorrow... because in the Wasteland, there might not be. Duke gets his dick sucked by a few sexy groupies, while nearby, some of the club's hottest dancers competitively share dick in an anal orgy as they put on a hell of a show! But outside, the RV full of mercenaries and their secret weapons are rolling in, hotly pursued by warlord Ruin and her bounty hunters. Not wanting to get involved in the conflict, Duke agrees to keep the dangerous Synthetics safe while Ruin and the mercenaries face off. Meanwhile, across town, it's almost time for Officer Vennix (Nicole Doshi) to head out on patrol... but she's still engrossed in a VR ahegao hentai fantasy...