Kira Fox, an unemployed writer, has been feeling down after not hearing back from a publisher about her book proposal. Her husband, Peter, wants to support her but suggests she starts looking for a different job. Just as they're about to go out to lift Kira's spirits, she receives a long-awaited call from the publisher. They want her to send them the first chapters by the end of the week. With a tight deadline and no chapters written yet, Kira needs a week of uninterrupted writing. Peter promises to keep himself busy and what better way to do so than by freeusing his gorgeous novelist wife? In this compelling and stimulating video, watch as Kira and Peter explore their desires and find a way to balance work and pleasure....
Leana Lovings is NOT very happy about Max Fills being a major couch potato. He's been doing NOTHING for two weeks! But when she confronts her boyfriend, Steve Rickz, about it, he insists that his best friend needs some extra help right now. It's revealed that Max has experienced a series of unfortunate events, including having his girlfriend break up with him. So although things are rough right now, Steve's just helping a bud out until he can get back on his feet....
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Ivi Rein has the hots for her stepbrother, Codey Steele. When Codey walks in, she realizes she can kill two birds with one stone: She can taunt Codey with her tits and get him to do her chores at the same time. Later, Leana Lovings asks for help with her chores a second time. Codey tries to say no, but gets distracted daydreaming about Leana getting naked and humping the broom.
Starring Venus Vixen & Bianca Bangs. You meet up for the first time with a perfect teen art girl you talked to online. You’re surprised when she asks if you want to have sex. And you’re even more surprised when she asks if her roommate can join…
Spencer (Max Fills) is busy reading from his tablet when his stepsister, Violet (Leana Lovings), enters. Spencer spots her and looks a bit tentative as if he doesn't like her very much. Violet asks Spencer what he's reading, and he replies that it's a fantasy story. She mischievously asks him why he's reading about fantasy when he can experience the real thing, and lowers her top to reveal her bare breasts. Spencer is exasperated, complaining about her repeated attempts to seduce him.
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You can’t keep trying to watch us just because we’re your step sisters. It’s weird. We’re lesbians now. We don’t want you sneaking into our room and jizzing all over the side of our bed. Go find a girlfriend or something…. Starring Renee Rose and Venus Vixen.
Peter’s wife has left him - he is lonely & depressed. When he spies his son Jodie & his girlfriend Lily Lou getting it on – Peter retreats to his room for some alone time with his sex doll. When Lily gets a gander of Jodie’s dad’s sizable package as he fucks the toy, she devises a devious plan to get herself dicked by a DILF!
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Prim Taylor volunteers to help her teacher GI Joey with some stuff around the house. Although it’s technically not allowed, the girl gives him a little hand, but little does Joey know that she has a secret plan. Prim failed miserably in her last exam, so she finds the teacher’s grades and tries to change her mark so her parents don’t punish her. Sadly, Joey finds her and needs to punish her somehow so she doesn’t do it again. The tiny student is down for some spanking as the teacher gives her a raunchy lesson.
Okay I lied, she’s my little step sister. It’s not weird. We already share everything else. And she wants to learn. You already said you’d help. She wants to try anal and be like her big sister… Renee Rose & Stella Barey
El desayuno, la comida más importante del día, ¿no?, nunca está de más comer un buen pan y algo de jugo o café por las mañanas. Pero lo cierto es que a nosotros nos gusta la carne, y en abundancia. Y vemos que la señorita llamada Allison Baby, que nos vende los panes tiene algo extra que ofrecernos que un buen desayuno por la mañana. ¿Qué podría ser?, claro nada como un buen mañanero para iniciar el día, y si, el trabajo puede esperar, pero las tetas no.
I’ve had enough of this. This is what? The fourth, fifth time? You have to stop cumming inside all these girls. I’m your step mom, it is my responsibility. We’re going to figure something out. You’re going to start using condoms, or… Actually.. I might know something that might actually work for you… Kendra Heart
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Cameron (Tommy Pistol), a school administrator at a local high school, arrives at the house of one of the teachers, Mrs. Williams (Marie McCray), to help her with an upcoming school fundraiser. After they finish up the work, Mrs. Williams' teen Leana (Leana Lovings) returns home. Leana is happy to see Cameron, because she secretly has a crush on him....