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Cam met busty, curvy Audrina while she was bartending at a local watering hole a couple weeks ago. She was intrigued to meet a real porn star and wanted to know more. They exchanged phone numbers and began talking. Recently, she lost her job and asked him to get her some adult video work, so we brought her in the next day for an audition. Once she arrived, I convinced her that I could get her a job making $1000-$5000 per day if she followed my instructions, which she did. Her reaction to swallowing cum for the first time and how she described it afterwards alone is worth the watch. Oh, and just wait til you see how furious she got when I told her she wasn't getting paid! Thanks for watching, we'll see you all next week with another original casting!
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7 de diciembre a las 4:47 p.m. - Caso # 8459254 - Robo: el sospechoso fue atrapado en el pasillo de joyas tratando de robar mercancía. Inicialmente fue pasado por alto, pero el asociado lo describió como una flagrante falta de respeto a las políticas de la tienda. El oficial de LP detuvo al sospechoso pero descubrio que era la hija del dueño de la tienda. El sospechoso amenazó al oficial de LP con ser despedido. El agente de LP se mantuvo firme y fue severo con el sospechoso. En lugar de involucrar a la policía, el oficial de LP consideró que era mejor para él dejar esto entre él y el propietario. Tal vez podría llevarlo a un ascenso por perdonarla. Evidencia registrada el 7 de noviembre de 2016.
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Today's exploit is 18 year old Crissy Floyd and she has a roommate. But Steve, why do we care about whether she has a roommate? Let me explain you. Two days before this sweet ebony goddess graced us with her perfect, AND I DO MEAN PERFECT body. Crissy's roommate Annette was over to do her debut sexing at BlackAmbush and then the ExCoGi hotel room is why and it was during Annette's makeup she just happened to mention she has a "super cute" and petite little hottie of a roomy. "I want to try a scene" said Crissy when Annette confessed she was going to take the porn plunge with us. THANK YOU GOD is all I can say. Now Annette's BlackAmbush scene just dropped last week and it's a scorcher, so go check it out if you haven't. Oh! And her ExCoGi scene is coming out soon so keep your eyes pealed for that thing as well. You won't be disappointed with our exploiting of her holes here either. But today's focus is on little miss Crissy and her very athletic, trim, perfectly fuckable pussy and body. When Annette showed us her roomy's pictures we said, "Let's get this girl exploited and fast! And that's exactly what we did. Things start off innocently enough with a big smile on Crissy's pretty little face as Jake gets her naked in the back seat. "I wasn't expecting to do all this. I just want to see it," she said as Jake whipped his cock out and Crissy began to suck him. I have to say this little hottie has some of the best 32A titties I have seen in a while and the cutest little pussy to boot. And when I say pretty little pussy? I mean PRETTY LITTLE PUSSY! Damn she's fine. Did I say she has a pretty pussy? Damn that pussy is fine. Anyways the car sex is intense and lots of it so enjoy. You're welcome. Now back at the hotel we find out a little bit more about Crissy's wild side and I wish I knew more girls like Crissy back when I was young because the stuff this girls has done by the tender age of 18 would make an older women blush. Sorry mom and dad but your little girl's a slut and we love it! So lets get a damn good proper look at this gorgeous body on this girl as she strips on the bed. Did I say this girl has a rocking body and pretty pussy? She does and we get a good look at it as she starts to massage that pretty pussy of hers with the Hitachi. Of course Jake finger fucks our ex-high school track athlete because she has a fucking beautiful pussy and you should never let a good pussy go to waste. "Damn your pussy is tight" Jake declares as our newbie has her first of many orgasms of the day. Next up is her first squirting and another orgasm while Jake gets his cock sucked. Can Crissy suck a cock well? Fuck yeah she can and she knows how to fuck with that pretty pussy of hers as well. Did I say this girl has a pretty pussy? She does and Jake fucks the shit out of her and shows her what a proper fucking is from a professional. Of course everything is shot in multi camera angles for your full fapping and viewing pleasure. Just watch as her pussy and butthole puckers with every thrust of Jake's cock down her throat. Love it. Jake fucks this little newbie in a few more positions then finishes this "love making" with a face full of cum before Crissy confesses in the bathroom how much fun this experience was and she doesn't regret it. Yet. "How are we going to tell our future boyfriends we did porn," was her question to Annette a few nights back before they both took the plunge. I guess when you're 18 your boyfriends are your future and not the guys that will want to commit their lives and want to marry you. Not the guys that are going to devote themselves to you and support you emotionally and financially. You know the guys that will lovingly plant their seed in you and give you your children. Yeah how will they ever tell your "boyfriends" of the week or month they did this? Easily. Honey before I met you I did porn and it was FUCKING WONDERFUL! And yes Jake fucked me way better than you do. But hey, how does a beautiful young girl spread her love and joy for people to see. This is how and it's a glorious thing. Enjoy the joys of youth! Steve
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