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Is your house filthy? Then, my friend, you’re in luck! Macy Meadows, the cutest (and sassiest) little maid you’ve ever seen is here to clean it up! The petite babe loves to play around as she does her work, and she doesn’t mind going the extra mile to leave everything spotless, even if it means stripping off her clothes to do it. Once her job is done, she takes time to relax and play with Oliver’s big cock.
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What’s up, Team Skeet fans? It’s time for another Labs update, so let’s jump right into the fun. We loved our last Labs so much that we wanted to put the concept in the spotlight and give it another whirl! Tapped Out is a game all about making hot babes cum hard. If the guy wants to win the game, he must make his partner tap out before time runs out. In this episode, Robby needs to make Macy Meadows submit, but she’ll do everything she can to ensure she outlasts him. To get ahead of the timer, Robby busts out a heavy-duty vibrator, but Macy isn’t easy to topple. She sucks on Robby’s cock and wants to make him cum first, so he loses steam. Who will come out victorious in this kinky game?
MILF Sophia Locke is fed up of picking up after her new college student stepdaughter, Macy Meadows... and she's shocked when she finds a dildo under the pillow in Macy's disaster of a room. She confronts the teen and teaches her a lesson about her attitude, starting with grabbing Macy's blonde hair and pushing her face down onto the toy. That's not enough to stop Macy from talking back, so Sophia gives her an over-the-knee spanking before fucking that tight teen pussy with the dildo, and then her own, even bigger toys!
Sexy blue eyed babe Macy Meadows is carrying her groceries to her apartment but Big and strong GI Joey wants to help her carry all those bags, once in her apartment Macy wants to see how toned his abs are, and that is when things turn hotter and Joey wants to see more, and Macy gets what she wants!!!!
The holiday season brings out the craziness in people, and Tyler, Penny Barber, and Macy Meadows are no exception to the rule. Expecting guests, Penny tells Macy she’ll be sharing a room with Tyler. But Macy is not so stoked on the idea as Tyler is obnoxious and is constantly jerking off. When Penny catches Tyler fucking a can of raw dough, she decides to help him out with his raging boner. Later, Penny, Macy, and Tyler have more fun on the couch. They have so much fun, it might just have to become a stepfamily holiday tradition.
Soccer girls Freya von Doom, Macy Meadows and Violet Gems are hot for Sergeant Miles, their new coach. At the field, they goof around, flashing their boobs and teasing each other. After soccer practice, the three best friends invite the coach to watch the first USA soccer game against Wales in Qatar’s World Cup together. But things start to get hot and heavy when the game starts because the lusty gals compete for the love of the coach to try and win the captain spot of the soccer team. After separately sucking his cock when the other two are not watching, they realize the only solution is to get completely naked and put their pussies to his service.
When Sergeant Miles catches his stepdaughter Macy Meadows getting her pussy eaten by her school friend Krissy Knight, he threatens to tell on them and get them in trouble. Macy and Krissy beg him not to and offer to be his personal slaves for a month. Miles accepts and makes them wear sexy maid outfits while they clean the house. As they bend over he has full access to their wet pussies whenever he wants!
Four friends plan to have a fun Halloween Night, but when Leana Lovings arrives as if she’s running away from something, her friends sit her down and try to find out what’s wrong. Apparently, Leana was messing with occult forces beyond her knowledge and evoked a demon that is haunting her now. Her friends, Macy Meadows and Peter, try to console her the best they can, but only her stepbrother, Nicky, believes her and knows what to do. Nicky tells Leana that she must complete the ritual to save herself and her family.
Macy Meadows, Destiny Cruz and Alexia Anders are three coffee baristas preparing some new drinks for their boss Brad to try. When Brad is not entirely satisfied with the results, Alexia takes it upon herself to serve him something a little bit naughtier. Soon Brad has all three girls kneeling at his feet and sucking his cock!
After Nicky catches his stepsister Cherry Fae fucking her best friend Macy Meadows by the pool he confronts Cherry about it, saying he’s gonna tell on her. Cherry begs Nicky not to tell and is willing to do anything to keep him quiet, including inviting him to do a manage-a-trois with her and Macy!
What’s up, Team Skeet fans? We’re excited to present a follow-up to our hit concept, “Daughter Rebellion.” You all loved the original scene, so we wanted to deliver a brand new update. In this episode, Macy Meadows is mad at her dad, threatening to halt her cushy life when the money starts getting tight. To get back at her dad, Macy puts the moves on Nicky, one of the employees her dad is about to fire.
Sergeant Miles is a bit jealous of how close Peter is with his stepdaughter, Macy Meadows. He wants the same relationship with his own, Krissy Knight. After an unconventional backyard football match, Peter proposes an idea to bring Miles and Krissy together, by letting Macy get familiar with her stepdad’s friend.