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Reagan Foxx y Katie Kush son madre e hija politicas, asi que realmente no tienen ningun vinculo familiar. La joven es Katie que siempre ha tenido la intención de probar un sexo lesbico brutal, asi que Reagan se ofrece a enseñarte todo lo que conlleva follar con otra mujer hasta hacerla doblarse de placer y ...
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Katie Kush is the TeamSkeet All-Star for February 2022! For over three years, Katie has been getting better and better on her performance on-screen, so it's no surprise at all for the Arizona-born model that loves her job to get this month's award. It's time to get yourself a piece of this fiery redhead on our Valentine's Day Special.
Some cam models love the thrill of exhibitionism and the adulation of their fans so much that they never make the leap to the big time, but petite blonde Katie Kush is not one of them. "I was camming at first and it just didn’t seem to be enough for me," says Katie. She ventured from her home state of Arizona to the bright lights of Porn Valley where she's found all the satisfaction she was craving and more. This slender and flexible babe has been wowing audiences worldwide with her small, natural tits, perky ass, and her ability to do the splits and bounce her booty on a dick. Katie may have found a new level of fulfillment in porn, but this naughty vixen will never get enough cock!
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Kylie Rockett is the life of the party, especially when it comes to New Year's Eve events. Dark-haired Kylie loves flirting with anything and everything that moves; she can't help herself! Even though she arrived with her gorgeous girlfriend, Katie Kush, the ever-horny Kylie sets her eyes on Ricky Johnson even before the countdown is over! The only thing that would make this night any better is if petite Katie joined in the fun. Buckle up because 2022 is about to be one wet and wild year!
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Up and coming model Andi Rose visits her stepcousin Katie Kush who’s living with her stepdad photographer Dan Ferrari. Katie always had a crush on Andi, so she talks her into making out a little, but as they do, Dan starts filming them with his camera. Andi makes them promise that they won’t leak the footage before agreeing to have a hot threesome!