Emylia Argan was to examine Mr. Peter in the Mean Orange Machine today, and he could not have started in poorer fashion. Can you believe he didn't even fasten his seatbelt? Mr. Peter missed his turn signals, slammed the door - he was clearly not ready for his license. We stopped for coffee, and I broke the news to him. He told me he would do anything to get his license, and I'll admit, I was a little horny. I took his cock out and started to stroke it, then gave him some road head as he found a place to park. Getting out of the car, I sat back in the boot and made him eat my pussy. He slide his hard cock into my tight pussy and fucked me missionary style, then I rode him until he pulled out and came on my bush!
MILF instructor Emylia Argan is having a bad day. Her student Jason X is late, and she's frustrated. Jason tells her he has learned on a simulator, but those skills do not translate the road! The drive is a bumpy one: Jason hits things, doesn't signal, and leaves the MILF scared for her safety Demanding he pull over, Emylia gives Jason two options, lick her pussy to calm her down, or leave right now. Jason chooses the wet pussy, and licks Emylia between her thighs. Turned on, Emylia tells him to fuck her, and then she gives Jason a naughty blowjob. Climbing on top of his dick, Emylia uses Jason’s dick to cum, then wanks him off for a facial!
After three exams, driving student Max Dior has gotten on examiner Emylia Argan's last nerve. Late for the lesson, Max is anxious, but really wants his license. They begin the exam, and Emylia realizes how attracted she is to Max. Taking out her tits, she teases the student, who tries his best to steady the wheel. Hiking up her skirt, Emylia plays with her pussy, and Max has to pull over. He might not be the best driver, but Emylia quickly finds out that Max licks pussy and ass like a pro! Turned on, the instructor gives the student a long blowjob, then fucks him on the car hood until he covers her glasses with a facial.
A man in a black hoodie – Maxmilian Dior – walks along the street carrying a case, as Andrej Lupin’s edgy erotic movie "Sniper" begins. He enters a building and climbs the stairs, setting up a rifle at the window and checking the photo of his target, sexy brunette Emylia Argan. When she sits on the bench across the street, he takes aim – but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Later they get chatting in a café, and begin to flirt. Back at Max’s place, they drink some wine and Emylia leads him to the bedroom, where they kiss passionately. She straddles him on the bed and grinds in his lap, then makes him watch as she masturbates before letting him eat her pussy. She frees his stiff cock from his jeans and sucks it voraciously, getting naked and sitting astride him again in cowgirl. Guiding his thick cock inside her tight pussy, she rides it vigorously, ass rippling and big breasts bouncing in his face. After she’s overwhelmed by a breathless orgasm, Max takes control, flipping her onto her back and fucking her in missionary, until she turns the tables again, riding him even harder. Again they flip, bodies slamming together, giving her another explosive climax. They move into spoons, Max’s hands gripping Emylia’s beautiful breasts as he thrusts into her over and over, making her orgasm repeatedly before shooting his hot load over her bush. But a dark end to the tale awaits…