Ivy Lebelle and her husband are celebrating their anniversary with a trip to Vegas, but they can't agree on how to have a good time. He wants to hit the casinos, she wants to enjoy the hotel spa. Ivy finally drags her husband to the sauna and they both get so relaxed they doze off. Ivy wakes up to see a horny stranger has joined them - and he's not shy about showing her his hard cock. Ivy is freaked out and tries to wake up her man, but he out like a light.
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Ivy Lebelle is bored in her marriage to her husband. Their lives have become the same boring routine, day in and day out. Ivy yearns for the feeling of excitement that a new lover brings. She has recently been having visions of a stranger, a mysterious man that arouses her carnal desires. One night before joining her husband in bed, she dreams of Keiran Lee while masturbating on the couch. To her surprise, he appears in the living room, ready to give her the deep dicking she’s been waiting for.
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The recently dumped Ivy Lebelle is filling a box with various items belonging to her ex-boyfriend. She's looking forward to giving him a final piece of her mind when he comes to collect his stuff. When someone knocks at the door though, Ivy is surprised to see her ex’s new girlfriend, the hot blond Savannah Bond, instead. Ivy takes this opportunity to compare her body against the slut who stole her man; aggressively prodding and stripping Savannah. A battle of wills between the two ladies leads to hot sex. Can Ivy lure Savannah away from her asshole boyfriend?
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The year is about to end and Lucas is fully focused on college. Ivy LeBelle, finds out that Lucas is a Virgin NERD. Ivy teaches him some proper ways to fuck so that he is ready for whatever comes his way in the dorms.
Sexy Ivy Lebelle is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for her family and she’s bored just thinking about it! Her parents are real nags and her boyfriend, Quinton James, hasn’t arrived yet. Tattooed Ivy has a few tricks up her sleeve for the occasion, if her parents think they are coming over for a nice, wholesome meal they are going to be disappointed. Ivy has laced the turkey with sleeping pills so she and Quinton can have a little bit of Thanksgiving fun. Quinton isn’t getting a bite of that turkey, but he will be getting a mouthful of Ivy’s sweet, sweet pussy! This is how most people celebrate Thanksgiving… right?
Ivy Lebelle and her husband have a standing appointment every month where they pull down the blinds and engage in some healthy, straightforward sex? Ivy LOVES to fuck however, her husband?s definition of fucking is very different from Ivy?s? Ivy wants it hard and rough, but her husband is plainer than a bowl of dried oats. Ivy has had enough! She needs to get fucked right! Thankfully, Small Hands just happens to be walking outside her house? Lucky him? Lucky her!
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Private investigator Isiah Maxwell is renowned for exposing cheating spouses, but he's even better at hiding key evidence when he's the one responsible for a sexy housewife stepping out on her husband ? which is exactly the case with Ivy Lebelle, who he's currently fucking behind the back of her oblivious husband. Isiah has been meeting Ivy in secret for some time, all while conducting a prolonged investigation into her series of ongoing affairs. Although he's managed to avoid suspicion and detection from Ivy's husband, Isiah runs into an unforeseen problem when Ivy's arrival at his house and home office is quickly followed by her husband unexpectedly showing up and demanding some answers to his wife's whereabouts and actions.
Ivy Lebelle is excited to move on and start dating again after breaking up with her ex. She invites her date Keiran Lee inside, but things aren?t going as well as planned. Especially since she keeps getting interrupted by calls from her ex! To get back at that nag, Ivy decides to fuck Keiran and even let him slip it in her ass! Everything is going great, until she accidentally but dials her ex and he hears the whole thing.
Ivy Lebelle esta impresionante cuando solo va con lencer?a mientras posa sexualmente en su tumbona. Charles Dera, quien se ve tan apuesto, solo puede estar a la espera y observar durante mucho tiempo antes de que le ponga aceite por todo ese cuerpo y le d? a Ivy la buena y dura follada que ha estado deseando desde hace mucho tiempo.
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El novio empoll?n de Ivy Lebelle la ha llevado a la feria local Renaissance. Cuando llegan a un puesto que disponen de una "picota" medieval, Ivy no se siente obligada a posar con ?l porque se siente inmediatamente atra?da por el t?o bueno Xander Corvus, que est? a cargo del puesto. Despu?s de que Xander ayude a Ivy a manejar la picota, observ?ndola mientras se burla de ?l, ?l desaparece detr?s de su cortina mientras el novio de Ivy toma fotos. Oculto por las cortinas, Xander es capaz de abrirse camino con una Ivy tremendamente excitada, desconocida para su novio. Y cuando Ivy finalmente cambia de lugar con su inconsciente caballero errante, Xander la folla sin sentido y ayuda a Ivy a demostrar que una enorme polla triunfa sobre la caballerosidad.
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