Ashley Wolf has got to be the sexy mommy of your dreams. This hot and horny milf just loves to fuck, but her real appeal is her sensuality. She loves to share, so don't be surprised if she brings home multiple partners to have her way with.
Angel Gostosa and her stepdad Justin visit therapist Ashley Wolf to talk about some problems they’ve been having. Turns out, Angel feels very attracted to Justin and is very possessive of him, to the point where she hates seeing him with other women. Dr. Ashley then prompts them to do a couple of bonding and trust exercises in which she’ll sit on top of Justin completely naked and then ask Angel to join in!
When stepsisters Ashley Wolf and Emma Jadea struggle to make their laptop work they call IT guy Tyler Cruise to come and assist them. He turns out to be very helpful, and lucky for the girls the services he provides go far beyond the IT stuff. Tyler multitasks as he walks the girls through their setup and plays with their pussies at the same time!
Joshua and his stepmom, Aaliyah Love, have an unexplainable tension between them that they’d like to resolve. That’s when they decide to visit a spiritual healer, who they believe can strengthen their bond. However, when Aaliyah and Joshua arrive, things are not what they expected, and both Ashley Wolf and her stepson, Tyler, are like something out of a pagan cult.
Juan Loco has a hot new girlfriend in Khloe Kapri. There's just one problem: His stepmom, Ashley Wolf, is really jealous of them. Every time Juan tries to get hot and heavy with Khloe, Ashley makes an excuse to walk in on them. Juan and Khloe try multiple times to get away from Ashley, but she's persistent in following them around. The third time she walks in on the lovers, she finds her stepson's dick in Khloe's mouth as Khloe works on her...
Sometimes there's nothing hotter than your girlfriend joining you in bed with one thing obviously on her mind. Chad Alva gets to live the dream when Ashley Wolf crawls into bed with him wearing some simple but oh so sexy lingerie. Petting Chad's chest and stomach, Ashley makes it clear that she's open to doing anything at all that Chad can think of. By the time her hand moves lower to Chad's cock, he's nice and hard for her
Despite her expertise in the oral arts, this will be Ashley Wolf’s FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE, ever! She is ecstatic to show off her oral skills. She rated herself an eight on the dick sucking ten scale but we know now that was a humble rating. What's beautiful about Ashley is she is such an unashamed cock demon. Her eyes light up when she talks about sucking and swallowing all that cum from the anonymous strangers on the other side of the wall. Fortunately we have provided her with a gracious amount of cock, so that will help her accomplish her goals today. You will be truly AMAZED at the amount of loads she manages to squeeze out of each guy before the end. Tell us your rating for Ashley in the comments and let us know if you want to see her back. We have a feeling it won't be too long before this smoke show is playing with more cocks again for another session in the booth on GloryholeSecrets!
After Jay Rock discovers his stepmom, Ashley Wolf, is a total slut, he has an ace in his pocket he knows he can hold on to forever. If Ashley wants her secret to be safe, Jay has some demands of his own. Ashley totally hates Jay at first, but once she realizes how much she enjoys sucking Jay’s dick, she can’t get enough of her scheming stepson.
Ashely Wolf, Kyler Quinn, Sia Lust, and Ricky Spanish are the definition of a blended family in that they all live together but none of them is related. Ashley is the eldest, so their parents have left her in charge while they go out for an evening. She sits the other three down and insists that they need to listen to her. They can't have any sexy shenanigans, they can't drink, and they can't watch porn. The other three aren't having any of it. In fact, they...
Security officer Calvin Hardy brings suspicious housewife Ashley Wolf to the backroom for some questioning after getting reports of a lady with a green skirt stealing some items. Ashley acts confused at first, but when Officer Hardy does a strip search on her, she confesses to stuffing some items down her pantyhoes. Officer Hardy must now do a deep cavity search to make sure she hasn’t stolen anything else!
After Tyler Crusie and Joshua Lewis are caught watching pornography at their highly religious school, their stepmoms, Ashley Wolf and Penny Barber, decide to teach them a hard lesson. Using creative techniques, Ashley and Penny want to ensure the two delinquent boys don’t commit the same sin. Though the lesson turns out to be a hell of a time, and before they know it, Tyler and Joshua are fucking each other’s and their own stepmoms.
Ashley Wolf is so excited to meet the son of one of her husband's closest friends. When Oliver Flynn arrives from his cross-country flight to stay with Ashley and her stepdaughter, Vina Sky, Ashley greets him warmly. She shows Oliver to his room and suggests he takes a rest from his long flight, but that he be careful of Vina, who is working through some sexual aggression. Vina pops in briefly to eye their guest up and down and then announce she's going to take a nap. Ashley reminds Vina that her sheets are still in the wash and suggests that Vina nap in her bed instead. Vina is down for that, even when Ashley decides to take a nap in the same bed...