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Stepsiblings Dharma Jones and Elias have a therapy session with Dr. Aaliyah Love to work on their relationship. Elias claims that Dharma is always alone in her room and doesn’t participate much in family gatherings. Dr. Aaliyah Love decides to do some exercises to strengthen their relationship… and it turns out things will get intimate real quick with Dr. Love’s methods!
Claiming to be the wife of a congressman, Alice is feisty when Officer Joshua brings her in for questioning about shoplifting. But when she asks to speak with the manager, Alice Marie faces an equally dominant Officer Aaliyah Love, who certainly is not believing any of her lies. After realizing that Alice is a serial shoplifter, the sexy officer orders Officer Joshua to strip search Alice, and makes sure that the thief pays her dues.
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Joshua and his stepmom, Aaliyah Love, have an unexplainable tension between them that they’d like to resolve. That’s when they decide to visit a spiritual healer, who they believe can strengthen their bond. However, when Aaliyah and Joshua arrive, things are not what they expected, and both Ashley Wolf and her stepson, Tyler, are like something out of a pagan cult.
Tyler is eager for Delilah Day to meet Aaliyah Love, with whom he shares a trustful, passionate relationship. Once Delilah finally comes over for dinner, she gets to have a personal taste of how close both are and immediately decides to be part of the connection. In the end, it's all about creating a deep bond of love, sharing, and cumming.
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Aaliyah Love and Haley Spades seek alternative medicine for a rapidly spreading virus. Luckily, they’ve found Mike Mancini, the only doctor in the world who can help them now. Mike’s medical approach is unorthodox, but word of mouth is never wrong, and so the two girls eagerly accept his treatment.
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