"Quiet and determined" may not be the qualities you associate with most porn stars, but Italian brunette Silvia Soprano is proving that they're integral to her smutty success! This all-natural babe doesn't make a lot of noise when she steps on set, but all eyes are on her. She's single-minded about getting what she wants, including fitting more than one big cock in her stunning ass at once, and this tenacious beauty won't stop until she manages it! A book-lover and cinephile in her private life, Silvia is always studying up for her next erotic feat!
The beautiful Sheila Ortega is on her honeymoon with Jordi el Niño Polla and they're over the moon. When Sheila disappears to change out of her dress into sexy lingerie, Jordi is jumped by another woman who looks very much like Sheila: her man-stealing siren of a sister, Katrina Moreno!! Sheila quickly finds out about her sister's ploy and a catfight breaks out between the ladies. The sisters start competitively fucking Jordi one by one to try to win him over. Will Jordi stay with the true love he just married or can the evil Katrina steal Sheila's man away? Find out on this week's episode of Escándalo!
Jordi is Phoenix Marie is worst student. He's been taking music lessons from her for months and still can't play a single note! Phoenix is fed up and won't let this guy waste any more of her time. She sticks his instrument up her pussy to give him a taste of what's to come: a rough and nasty lesson in the art of fucking! Maybe that will teach him a thing or two.
Black haired Julia de Lucia checks in on his roommate, Jordi El Niño Polla, before sneaking off to her bedroom. She makes sure the studious roomie is 100% focused on his upcoming test. With Jordi studying, this is a perfect time for Julia to make a few extra dollars camming. She sets up her laptop on the bed, strips down to the bare essentials and gets to work! Jordi is soon distracted by moaning noises and can’t figure out where they're coming from. He peeks into Julia’s room and catches her masturbating for her viewers with a vibrator. Aroused Jordi joins in the fun from a distance until the clever Julia catches him with his dick in his hands! There's just one option left for the lusty Julia : invite Jordi to a livestreamed fuck.
Myss Alessandra runs out of shampoo in the shower and calls out for someone to bring her a new bottle. Luckily her son's friend Jordi El Nino Polla hears her and brings her the shampoo. Myss Alessandra returns to her shower without noticing Jordi stuck around to sneak a peek. When Myss Alessandra catches him with his cock out, she decides to clean up his act and drags him into the shower with her!
Jordi El Niño Polla wants to play a fun game with the beautiful Kitty Love and draw constellations on each other's backs with a marker... or at least, that's what Kitty thinks is happening. When it's Jordi's turn to draw on Kitty's back, he doesn't use a marker. Instead, he uses his cock! When Kitty realizes what he's up to, she isn't impressed. Why does Jordi get to have all the fun? Kitty sits her pussy down on Jordi's face and he eats her out, which then turns into fucking!
Lucia Fernandez is heading out for a night of partying with her friends. She looks good - too good to leave without catching Jordi's eye, and he can't have his girl leaving the house looking like that... without a proper goodbye. But this pair doesn't simply shake hands and part ways, no sir. Lucia takes off her little outfit so Jordi can get a full view of her gorgeous, tattooed body. She takes out Jordi's massive cock and gives him a sloppy blowjob, and the insatiable couple prepare to fuck for so long that Lucia's late for the party. But it's safe to say no party tops a good ol' fuck.
Cute petite Piikara Blood, with her perfect natural tits popping out of her shirt and her booty shorts overflowing, is excited to get bouncing with her new dance instructor when Jordi El Niño Polla shows up. Piikara really isn't buying what he's selling so Jordi decides to show Piikara some moves to prove that he is the professional popper and locker she's been waiting for. He teaches Piikara how to stretch and twerk and gets really into it, not noticing his dick popping out of his pants. Piikara wants that big cock so she yanks off his pants and sucks his dick. Jordi is more than down, he's upside-down! Jordi shows Piikara his excellent thrusting skills and pretty soon Piikara is giving her booty the workout she envisioned. She rides that cock like it's a dance off and she's the winner. Jordi busts his load and then gets back into teaching Piikara how to bust a move like a pro. Now that's the right stuff!
The sweet and sexy Tina Fire has just received a shipment of lingerie and bikinis she ordered. Her lucky boyfriend (Jordi El Niño Polla) gets to watch as she tries on a bunch of them in the bedroom, showing off her amazing tits in various bras and tiny tops. Jordi isn't shy about pointing out how horny this show is getting him, and Tina rewards her patient boyfriend with a good fucking afterwards.
"Quiet and determined" may not be the qualities you associate with most porn stars, but Italian brunette Silvia Soprano is proving that they're integral to her smutty success! This all-natural babe doesn't make a lot of noise when she steps on set, but all eyes are on her. She's single-minded about getting what she wants, including fitting more than one big cock in her stunning ass at once, and this tenacious beauty won't stop until she manages it! A book-lover and cinephile in her private life, Silvia is always studying up for her next erotic feat!
Adara Love is a curvy, adventurous young woman that gets a kick out of stroking it in public places for her loyal, drooling fans and coomers alike to consume. She pulls into what she thinks is a relatively empty location and starts to undress and tease... Which is where the lucky Jordi finds himself in the perfect position to get a right up next to the action! To watch Adara moan, buck her hips, lick her fingers, play with her eager clit... The only question is - how badly is Adara going to fuck this voyeur viewer when he gets caught? After all, a full show instead of a solo would make all those fans much happier...
South American stunner Baby Nicols is filming a masturbation video for Reality Kings, playing with her wet pussy until she squirts all over the floor! When Jordi enters, Baby doesn't want to miss out on the chance to play with his huge cock on camera, and Jordi El Niño Polla is eager to make her squirt some more, leading to a wild and sloppy fucking for your viewing pleasure!
Como recordaréis, Isis Magalhaes es una de nuestras más recientes "chicas con sorpresa". Pues bien, la última vez que estuvo frente a nuestras cámaras, ante la previsión del éxito que iba a tener no quisimos que saliese de nuestros estudios sin hacerle una escena más. Tras pensar opciones rápidas, ¿sabéis lo que nuestras mentes gamberras idearon? ¡José el niño virgen! Viendo que NUNCA HA DICHO QUE NO A NADA, le hicimos venir para una escena improvisada, pero sin hablarle de la sorpresa de Isis. Ya le hemos visto con maduras, y hoy le vamos a ver de una manera totalmente nueva. Sin haberlo planeado Isis se lo devoró, sacando su faceta de activa y pasiva, ya que nos reconoce que en su vida real le gusta siempre hacer las dos cosas. Jose resulta ser un chico curioso y se deja llevar, y al final nos confiesa que le hemos descubierto un nuevo horizonte de morbo y placer. ¡Estamos creando un monstruo!
¡Hola, Chicos! Cuánto tiempo, jejejejeje. Soy Mercé de vuelta, y os tengo que decir una cosa: Fijaos que, después de todo lo que he hecho en FAKings, y a los yogurines que he estrenado, hay una cosa que me gusta más que las demás: ¡Las cámaras ocultas! El morbazo de grabar a un yogurín sin que lo sepa es insuperable, y además siempre hay hijos de mis amigas a los que tentar, pero con mis TETAZAS ENORMES no hay quien se resista ;) En fin, por eso quería hacer una segunda cámara oculta, por eso y porque tengo a la víctima perfecta: hay un chico, guapo y jovencito, hijo de unos amigos, que siempre que viene a clases de boxeo en el barrio se pasa por aquí para merendar antes de que vengan sus padres a por él. Ya de por sí me pone bastante, pero si encima le veo cómo se me queda mirando el escote cuando le sirvo la merienda y cómo intenta ocultar su polla poniendose dura, me pongo incluso más cachonda. Ya no puedo aguantar más, así que la próxima vez que venga va a hacer de todo menos merendar: Voy a recibirlo TAPADA SOLO POR MI DELANTAL, voy a ir calentándolo poco a poco, hasta que no pueda más y se me tenga que lanzar. Dudo mucho en que pueda resistirse mucho tiempo, ¿no creéis? Chaval, ¡Tu merienda de hoy soy yo!
I catch Gala Anguita twerking in the park and I gotta know what she's up to - I asked her to teach me to dance but I'm really just there to stare at her ass and drool. I offer to film her twerking and soon I'm hard as hell and she's twerking on my dick!
Os presentamos a Ágata: Ágata es una cachondona MILF de 45 años que se siente joven y viva, y quiere seguir haciendo locuras y follándose a todo lo que se menea. Pero tiene un problema: Tiene que hacerlo a escondidas de su marido, al cual -a pesar de ser muy morboso y tener mucha complicidad en el sexo con ella- le pesa mucho el qué dirán, por lo que a pese a ser 10 años más joven, está convirtiéndose en un viejo y a ella en una maruja. Pero Ágata se niega, y aquí es donde entramos nosotros. Ágata y sus DOS ENORMES TETAZAS son seguidoras habituales de FAKings, y después de su tiempo pensándolo se ha lanzado a escribirnos para escapar de la monotonía: Lo tiene claro, y lo primero que quiere es FOLLARSE A UN YOUGRÍN, más concretamente Jose el niño virgen, que le dio muchísimo morbo en su escena con Merce, y es un perfil de chico al que no puede acceder en su entorno sin que se monte un escándalo en el barrio. No os perdáis UN CLUB MADURAS MÍTICO: un pipiolo inexperto, joven y tímido (Jose no puede serlo más), y una mami follable, cachonda y experimentada que le maneje y le dé buenas lecciones. De hecho, Ágata nos confiesa que siempre la dominan a ella y tenía ganas de dirigir ella el cotarro por una vez, y ¡VAYA SI LO HACE!Bienvenida Ágata, maestra del sexo y, estamos seguros, ¡¡Fantasía de mucha gente a partir de ahora!!
Marica Chanelle has lost her wallet and I offer to give her a hand looking for it - I begin to search but all I can look at is her amazing body. Marica needs money and I've got just the trade - I offer her some bills to flash me her beautiful, big tits and juicy ass! For this modest amount of money this girl lets Jordi "El Ni?o Polla" enter her tail repeatedly and in different positions. Then download all your semen in ...
I love spying on Alyssa Reece, she has the most perfect body of all time. I never knew how horny she was, but as soon as she spotted my big, hard cock I couldn't keep her off of it! This girl has never had anal before and it's my lucky day, she wants to practice!
Jordi el Ni?o Polla is new to America and he already has an American girlfriend! However, when his girlfriend brings Jordi to her mother Julia?s 4th of July BBQ, all of Julia Ann?s friends want a piece of Jordi?s formidable Spanish sausage.
Jordi ENP?s decision to drop out of college and enroll at the Royal Academy of Mimes and Clowns isn?t sitting well with his stern father. However, his new stepmom, Brooklyn Blue, is a bit more sympathetic and encouraging of his choices. After an argument over breakfast where Brooklyn stands up for Jordi, Jordi follows Brooklyn as she gets set to shower, spying on her as she towels off. Brooklyn, though, catches him, and as Jordi fumbles to hide his cock, Brooklyn yanks him inside the bathroom by his suspenders. After nearly getting caught in the bathroom, Brooklyn tells Jordi to wait for her in his room, saying she has a surprise for him. When Brooklyn enters Jordi?s room, she gives him a lesson in miming ? and much more.