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This love triangle story continues. We have Miss Tsubaki Kato who recently quit her office job where her husband works. She has decided to stay at home and become a housewife. What she thought would lead to a better life with her being at home and being there for her husband when he got home every night has not turned out that way. It was her dream to be a housewife but her husband liked the second income and prodded her to take an office job in the company office where he himself works. But Tsubaki Kato was not happy being worked so hared every day and decided she would be happier at home to take care of the house every day and her husband. What she soon realized was that her husband would be gone so much every day that she would be alone and left to herself. That was fine for a while but her husband also neglects her sexually so what ended up happening was she was lonely and also in need of a man. It seems that her husband was always too tired to fuck her (he was fucking her best friend at the office every night) so she thought it would be best to go out and find herself a hard piece of cock to satisfy that hungry Japanese housewife pussy of hers. This is of course where we find her today, out at a bar enjoying a drink with her best friend (her husband’s lover) and meeting men on the side who can take her to some love hotel and strip off her clothes and dive into her tight pussy. I guess who can blame her for wanting to her pussy serviced and if she finds a young man to do it, well lucky her and of course him.
Harper Red is new to the office, and Quinn Waters is responsible for getting her acclimated to their work environment. Their boss, Tony Rubino, has supreme authority over his employees, but the women all seem to love it. Harper knows precisely what is in store for her and couldn't be more excited.
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