Katana Kombat is having a fun day on the tennis court with her friends Kali Roses and Kyler Quinn. These three ladies in skimpy tennis outfits and working up a sweat is a sight to behold. Things get serious when Katana is challenged to a match by some dude; Kyler and Kali cheer Katana on to victory and the girls celebrate afterwards. The girls end up in bed together, eager to stretch each other out after their big workout today.
Autumn Falls and Charles Dera think they are ready to start their new life with Charles' ex-girlfriend supposedly sleeping with the dolphins in the Miami harbour. However, when fiery Latina phoenix Katana Kombat interrupts their sunny escape on a boat, sparks fly as the two sexy Miami queens fight over who gets to be Charles' true soul mate. The sight of Autumn and Katana fighting, their big titties bouncing in the sun as they slap and shout, makes Charles realize that it's time to put the past behind them and let the boat be a bridge over troubled water. Autumn and Katana kiss and make up, finding that teasing each other's pussies on the open ocean is a lot more rewarding than fighting over some guy in a captain's hat. Autumn and Katana take turns on Charles' big thick cock, sucking and slurping on it while he admires their perfect juicy butts, then let him slam their pussies right there in the harbor, twerking on his cock until he's ready to bust a nut all over their pretty faces.
A steamy threesome with another girl has always been Alina Belle's fantasy; So when she finds out her boyfriend JMac planned a secret hook-up with Katana Kombat behind her back, she is more than excited to stay and watch. The sight of Katana's round ass and the sound of JMac pounding her wet pussy is more than enough to draw Alina out from the side-lines and into the action. Between their big titties and bubble butts, these gorgeous brunettes bombshells bring the fantasy to life.
Looking for a long-haired, tall and slim Latina hotty with a thirst for cock? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Katana Kombat is here, in nothing but sheer pantyhose, a fur coat and tons of oil all over her fit ass and hard nipples. You’ve never seen anything more glorious – that, I can promise. Katana grinds against the couch as she pours oil over her pussy, and masturbates all by herself. Up comes Sean Lawless, and these two horny beauties waste no time. With a titty in one hand and a bottle of oil in the other, he plays with Katana’s shiny, wet tits before his hands make their way down to her ass and pussy. She sucks his dick and gives him a foot job, and when Sean can’t stand another second of having a thin strip of fabric between himself and Katana’s sopping pussy, he rips them open and fucks her hard, Katana’s ripped rights on the entire time!
Abella Danger and Katana Kombat have developed quite the rivalry, looking to impress everyone at their dance class, but the studio may not be big enough for the two of them! Overwhelming their instructor, and the other participants, with moves that would drop anyone’s jaw, it becomes apparent that these two jealous rivals wants to do more than just dance side by side - they wanna fuck!
Katana Kombat is a sexy and successful real estate agent trying to sell a house. What should be an easy sale is repeatedly ruined by troublemaker Johnny the Kid, who scares off Katana's client with a series of pranks. Johnny gets a little too cocky for his own good and ends up getting caught by Katana. Realizing that the annoying Johnny will just keep messing with the house, Katana makes him an offer he can't refuse.
Katana Kombat comes home to her husband, only to find out he’s booked a surprise appointment with at-home sex therapist, Dr. Duncan Saint. When Duncan tells Katana that her husband claims they are both passive lovers suffering from intimacy issues, Katana loses it; her husband’s the problem, not her! When the married couple nearly come to blows, Duncan suggests Katana’s hubby goes for a walk. Once Katana’s alone with the doctor, she realizes she finally has herself a man that appreciates her perfect tits and stunning body… and when she gets a look at Duncan’s hard cock, it’s clear there won’t be any intimacy issues between them!
You’ve never seen the tall and lean Latina, Katana Kombat, looking like this before: a (seemingly) conservative and strict librarian, hiding behind thick rimmed glasses. Her body is so hot that even the most modest of outfits can’t hide it. But this librarian has a secret – by day she sorts books but by night? She cams – right there in the library! One of her students, Tony Moves, catches her in the act, and can’t help whip out his dick and masturbate in secret to the sight of Ms. Katana showing off her tits and masturbating for the camera. When Katana catches him, she lures him in on her little secret.
Luna Star, Bridgette B, Katana Kombat and Victoria June are co-workers competing for a cash prize in an office-wide contest. While they all pretend not to care about the stupid sweepstakes at first, they each sneak away to get a little bit closer to their boss, Keiran Lee, offering him some hands-on attention in exchange for a leg up on the competition. They each sneakily fuck Keiran before banding together for some super steamy group sex.
JMac has been battling a bad case of insomnia so he visits Dr. Katana Kombat, a specialist in the field. When JMac confesses that the only thing that had worked for him in the past was jerking off before bed, Katana takes a very hands on approach to treating her new patient. Katana, however, is willing to go the extra mile by offering up her pussy to really take care of him and make sure he gets some much needed rest!
I?m sorry, but if your name is Debbie, I?ve got bad news for you: your heart is cold and your feet are big. It?s just the truth. So Criss Simon shouldn?t be so upset when his girlfriend, Debbie breaks up with him, right? Wrong. The poor guy is devastated. But his pal Katana Kombat knows exactly what to do to make him feel better ? cookies! Oh, nope, not that. What about Katana?s tight ass and lovely titties? Yeah, that?s the ticket.
Dumped by her boyfriend, Molly has come to her best friend Katana Kombat's home to be consoled with ice cream and some TLC. Now is Katana's chance to finally come clean and tell Molly that she has always been attracted to her friend ? a secret she?s been keeping for too long. Good thing Molly likes what she is hearing when Katana strips her down and makes all her bits and pieces feel better. Maybe there?s something to be said about a girl knowing exactly what a girl needs!
Katana Kombat is dead set on getting an extra week of vacation time from her boss ? She's willing to do just about anything to get it! Her boss hears this and decides to put Katana to the test. Her boss asks Katana to fire her colleague, Sean Lawless! If she does this, she?ll get her vacation. When Sean begins to freak out, Katana knows what she has to do? Offer him a severance package he won't be able to resist?
Rule one of the sacred roommate code: When your roomie is out of town, water their plants. Katana Kombat breaks this code and forgets to water Oliver Flynn?s plant. Uh oh, dudes. What?s the best way to deal with a situation like this? Bring Oliver a fluffy blanket? Nope. A margarita? No? Looks like the only way to restore the fragile roommate balance is to fuck. And really, how could anyone resist when it?s Katana? Her tight bod, dark hair, bright smile. Honestly, the plant death was probably worth it.
Dinero, culo, cigarros, hedonismo. Todas las partes intrincadas de tu estilo imaginado de amor viceversa. Tinas calientes llenas de dinero, latinas en motos de agua, ¿qué más se puede pedir? Tal vez Katana Kombat en un bikini ceñido. Adorando la polla mientras exhala humo. Deslizando a Oliver profundamente dentro de ella, gimiendo de placer. Ceder. Echar un vistazo.
They say the true art of the tango isn?t the finesse or the figure, but the fire between two lovers. Katana Kombat steps into the spotlight, dressed to impress, and ready to light the match. But who is her partner?! Why, it?s Mick Blue of course! The two meet and begin their dance? Of course, Katana?s version of the tango is a little on the unconventional side? Hopefully Mick can keep up!
You've seen them pop up around the country - bikini coffee shops willing to sell you a little T&A with your daily dose of bean. Fuck it, we can do better than just tease. Let's put Katana Kombat in a slutty outfit, put her in a public location, and have her FUCK these guys instead of just flash 'em! Though, I think KKatana Kombat enjoys this more than we thought she would. Hey, is that Oliver?
Welcome, shoppers and fappers! We're happy to announce a big cock special in the produce aisle, discounted lube in our home items department, and the juiciest melons fresh from the field to get your mouth watering! Oh, it seems like there's a slight disturbance at the registers. Damon, could you please speak to your manager at the earliest possible convenience? Oh? Oh, what is she doing? In LINGERIE! Jeremy, get up there! Clean-up in the front! Somebody stop this wylin' woman!!
Katana Kombat has just come home early from a fundraising gala, frustrated that she had to make another public appearance without her husband, who has been increasingly absent. Unbeknownst to Katana, her husband?s aloofness is the byproduct of an ongoing affair he?s having with Madison Ivy, and their arrangement to meet this very night thinking that Katana will be out late is about to backfire. As Madison waits for her lover, Katana returns home and makes her way through the house and towards the bedroom ? completely unaware of what?s awaiting her.
HOLA, MIAMI! Welcome to Katana Kombat's live weather broadcast as she describes clouds, pressure changes, wet precipitation?. Fuck, who knows. You don't actually care. You want to see a gorgeous Latina in tight-fitting business attire gesture in front of a green screen. Your eyes aren't on the high temperatures or cloud gradients - it's on her perky ass nestled underneath her clingy skirt. Those round tits popping out of her blouse. And that fiery attitude that can switch from happy embarrassment to cock-sucking nymphomania during a commercial break. Don't touch that dial, Katana's on!