We are back with Miyu and her boyfriend. This time, we have a new proposal for them and we wanted to run it by her boyfriend and her to see if they were amenable to the idea. What we thought would be fun is to have Miyu back in our studio to fuck. But this time rather than just watch, we have her boyfriend participate in her on camera fuck. Miyu seems OK with the idea of having her boyfriend there to watch and also participate so we go ahead with our plan and get them back to the studio to get going with the Miyu orgy. Back up in the room we play some game about sex and what kind of sex they like best. We enjoy watching them squirm talking about satisfying each other sexually. We then move them over to the bed so that we can get started with today’s goal, the fucking of the lovely Miyu. The duo are prompted to kiss and get going so that they can move on to the fuck show. Miyu gets undressed and her boyfriend starts to kiss her and touch her and he has her on the bed laying down as he gropes her almost naked body. Miyu helps her boyfriend get naked and they get back to groping each other. This is shot in a real gonzo style and these two just get right into enjoying each other’s body forgetting that there is a camera there filming them. This is really just the first in the series as we only have time for them to fuck right now and then we will introduce a third member to join them and fuck Miyu as her boyfriend sits next to her sucking and fucking another man. We love watching Miyu get fucked and watching her tits bounce all around so we are all for the idea of having someone fuck her while her boyfriend sits near by.
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