Megumi Shino is the new office girl. She is sweet and young and tries her best to be a good worker and get along with everyone in the office. It is a tough job as there are so many men telling her what to do. She tries to make sure she does a good job and that all of her superiors are getting what they need. Her pay is very low and the hours are very long. There is no prestige in her job as she is the new office worker and very low on the totem pole. She is in a predicament here today as she has done something wrong in the office and some others have found out about it. She stole money fro the company and the people who found out about it, are going to make her pay. Or they tell her they could go go the police with their evidence of the crime. She has a choice today how she will fix this problem. Luckily for us the cameras are on and she decides there is something she can do to make this whole ordeal go away. It involves her mouth and a couple of cocks. It also involves her sweet pussy and some hungry dicks. The word threesome comes up as she undresses for them. Now she is going to pay for her crime with her body. She is asked to admit her crime on camera and then strip for them as they film her and rip off her clothes. She is nervous as they begin to grope her body and pull at her bra to take it off. This stealing of hers is going to cost her more than she thought.
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