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Scarlett Hampton is about to date Robert, her stepbrother Joshua’s best friend. Joshua has a crush on her stepsister and can’t help lusting after her. When she asks her stepbro for some advice on how to please Robert, Joshua takes the opportunity to fool around with her with the excuse of teaching her what boys like. Each new tip is hornier than the last one, ending with Scarlett how to do anal with her stepbrother.
Sofie Reyez And Allie Paige are about to throw a party with the popular kids at school, but Conor, Allie’s stepbrother, threatens to snitch. The girls decide it is best to negotiate with him to avoid any trouble, which leads to Conor asking them for sexual favors. First, he demands a lesbian show between the two school friends in order not to tell. Allie and Sofie comply, only to realize that negotiating with Conor with sex gives them some kind of power over him, so they start a mutually beneficial negotiation with him to get extra perks out of him in exchange for fucking him.
Chloe Rose needs to get her homework done, but she is more focused on cheerleading practice, so she asks her nerdy stepbrother Jay to do it for her. The boy doesn’t mind helping her out, but he wants something in exchange for it–fingering her stepsis. Chloe is hesitant at first, but she really wants to avoid doing her homework at all costs, so she accepts. Amazed by her stepbro’s naughty talent, the stepsiblings start a secret relationship based on sex, sneaking around the house to do stuff trying not to get caught.
Veronica Church is always finding things to share with her stepbrother, Dylan Ledger. Sometimes it's things like popcorn. Sometimes it's clothing. Taking off her sweater, Veronica offers it to Dylan. Wearing just her bra and miniskirt, Veronica gives Dylan a hug and bounces off to her bedroom....
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Rissa May is feeling a bit self-conscious about her body because everyone at school keeps staring at her tits and telling them they are too big. Worried about it, she asks her stepbrother Juan, who is studying to be a doctor, if he can examine her to see if anything is wrong with her. What she doesn’t know is that Juan has already been checking her out, and not only feels her boobs are the perfect size but also secretly desires to play with them!
Joey White has always had a crush on her stepbrother Conor, so she’s not happy to hear he has a new girlfriend. To get what she wants, she starts flirting and masturbating in front of him every time he’s on the phone with his girlfriend. Things start escalating as Joey lets her stepbro do more than watch her play with her pussy. Conor’s relationship is not bound to last as his stepsis’ tactics to get his attention take a turn for the nasty.
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Lana Rhoades should be a supermodel with her looks. Instead, she's the stepsister of a jerk. Her conniving stepbrother finds her stripper shoes and threatens to tell their parents if she doesnâ??t strip for him. Lana is grossed out and disgusted by this and hopes that she can get out of the situation only showing him her tits. Her beautiful eyes and face are completely overtaken by the hot rack she spills out to get her brother to shut up. The next day, she comes home in a sexy dress and drunk as fuck.
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Scarlett Skies plays softball and wants to participate in the tryouts for her college team. She asks her big stepbrother Allen, who also plays, to help her practice. While doing so, Allen accidentally hits her with the ball on her leg and gives her a bruise. Feeling bad, he offers to give her a massage to make her feel better, which leads them to a sexy moment that helps her bounce back from her injury. Later on, Scarlet tells Allen that she made it to the team, and she’s so happy that she wants to thank her stepbro in a very special way.
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Penelope Kay wants to throw a Memorial Day party with a marine theme, after all, her stepdad is a Marine himself! However, there is one small issue, her stepbro, Conor. He is more of a loner and hates parties, so she is going to need to make a good deal if she wants to convince him to let her throw a party. A blowjob later, Conor yearns for a second round, so he tells Penelope that she has a reputation for giving sloppy blowjobs, a statement that she quickly proves wrong. In the end, Penelope is enjoying this as much as Conor, so she convinces him to go further, luring him with her sexy marine costume.
When Indie Rose tells her stepbrother Allen that she’s interested in dating his friend, he lets her know that he’s only interested in slutty girls but Indie is a goody-two-shoes so he doesn’t think it would work out. Indie is determined so he asks Allen to help her become like the kind of girls that his friend likes. Allen is happy to do that and starts by coaching her on showing off more tits and ass. Later, Indie tells him that his friend still hasn’t asked her out yet, so Allen uses his hard cock to teach her how to give a blowjob!
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Laney Grey thinks her stepbrother, Brad, is totally creepy, so when Brad tries to warn Laney that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she doesn’t believe him. When Laney discovers that Brad was right all along, she feels awful and is willing to do anything to make it up to him. She starts by sucking his cock and swallowing a huge load. But when that isn’t enough, Laney knows she’ll have to step it up.
Sophia Leone and Selina Bentz took an elective class in college on environmental stewardship. Now, they're obsessed with ecology and caring for the planet, an ideology Sophia's stepbrother Danny doesn't seem to share. To convince him to lead a greener life, the girls will try some alternative strategies that will surely make him reconsider.
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Spring Breakers (Part 1 of 3): Octavia Red and Rory Knox are dreaming of the perfect spring break, but there is one little issue - Rory is grounded and can’t leave the house. Rory’s stepbrother, Nathan, has been assigned guard duty and can’t let Rory leave the house. However, Rory and Octavia aren’t so easy to pin down, so they devise a seductive plan to get Nathan right where they want him. When Nathan finds Rory and Octavia making out in the living room, they set their plan into motion and easily seduce Nathan. He can’t believe that he’s fucking his own stepsister, but it feels too good. The two girls give up all their pussy to ensure Nathan keeps their escape a secret.