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Kenzie Taylor, a masseuse, is getting ready for her last massage appointment when Charlie Forde walks into the parlor, looking like she’s got a bone to pick. When Charlie insists that she has an appointment, Kenzie is confused, since her next appointment is scheduled for one of her regular male clients. Charlie reveals that she is that client’s wife and she’s decided to take her husband’s appointment so that she can see what all the fuss is about regarding this massage parlor he spends so much time at. It’s clear that Charlie is suspicious that her husband’s been fooling around with Kenzie during their massages, but Kenzie assures Charlie that isn’t the case. Nevertheless, Charlie insists on having Kenzie massage her, so Kenzie slots her in and invites her to disrobe. As the massage progresses, Charlie feels all her stress and judgments fade away as Kenzie’s experienced hands work into her skin. It seems like there is something special about Kenzie’s touch… and Charlie just might be interested to go even further with Kenzie… IF she doesn’t tell her husband, of course.
Charlie Forde is a nasty Aussie MILF with a passion for intense anal sex. The deviant blonde caresses her plump rump as she teases the camera, stripping and masturbating through an epic intro. She chats with director Pat Myne as she crams a dildo into her colon, and then she fondles her pussy to an extreme, squirting orgasm! Charlie welcomes super-hung Chris Diamond with a nasty blowjob, salivating as he ruthlessly fucks her throat. She rambunctiously hops on Chris' lap to ride his thick rod. Chris power-plows her rectum and fingers her slit to multiple, gushing climaxes. He jacks off as she lewdly rims his bunghole. The raunchy rectal reaming delivers choking, ass-to-mouth fellatio and manhandling sodomy. The filthy fun culminates with Chris shooting hot cum into Charlie's eyes!
Coco Lovelock is doing homework in her college dorm room when her stepmoms, Charlie Forde and Dana Vespoli, arrive for a weekend visit. Charlie and Dana used to attend this college, and they act overbearingly enthusiastic and nostalgic. The stepmoms want to attend a football game to support the college’s team, and invite Coco to join them. However, Coco says she still has homework to do. Charlie and Dana are sympathetic, but try to convince her to go with them to the game anyway. Coco doesn’t understand why her parents are so enthusiastic, and asks them what the big deal about college is. Charlie and Dana say it’s where they discovered their sexuality, but Coco says that college isn’t ANY fun for HER. Charlie and Dana explain that Coco needs to take a break from homework and studying sometimes, and be open to new experiences. Coco admits she doesn’t know how. Charlie and Dana are happy to assist, so they give Coco a shoulder rub to help her relax, and then decide to introduce her to her first lesbian experience. After all, a hot lesbian threesome is a great way to start a college adventure!
Stepsiblings Hazel Moore and Nick go see Charlie Forde, a therapist, due to some recent issues. Hazel tends to sabotage her stepbrother’s relationships, while Nick keeps going out with girls he doesn’t care about. Dr. Charlie quickly notices some sexual tension between them. The two need to work together to overcome their toxic relationship, so Dr. Charlie proposes an unorthodox yet effective solution: a threesome with the Doctor.
Julia Robbie and Charlie Forde, two ultra-conservative and religious moms, are extremely disappointed in their stepsons. They were caught watching porn, so the stepmoms need to teach them to be men of god. Charlie and Julia then decide to punish them by making them watch the film while “conditioning” them to realize that porn is dirty, and the first step on the road to damnation. However, this plan backfires on them when they get a little too turned on by the whole situation.
Baby Kxtten y Charlie Forde son dos amigas desde la mas tierna infancia, ellas siempre lo comparte tondo y en especial cuando sube la temperatura esto hace que se pongan muy cachondas hasta el punto de hacer una orgia bestial que no tendrias que perderte por nada del mundo y ...
Charlie Dorne and Zuzu Sweet are playing cards in the Fake Hostel while Michael Fly eavesdrops on their conversation. Michael hears the ladies lament no one is around to buy them flowers and candy, so he shows up at their door with gifts and takes his small cock out expecting a blowjob! Instead of spit, he's met with laughter! The ladies mock his small cock, and he runs away in sadness. Charlie tries out the perfume Michael has bought for them, and when the fumes reach his nostrils, his dick grows three sizes. Now turned on, Charlie and Zuzu give him a double blowjob, then Michael takes turns stuffing their pussies until he cums in both of their pretty mouths!