What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Brooke Barclays is preparing supper when her swap daughter Elsa Violet spreads her thighs to get swap dad Chad Alva's attention at the table. She flashes her tits, which alerts swap brother Juan Loco. Juan tries to rat Elsa out, but Brooke's response is that she didn't see it ...
Parker Ambrose is eating breakfast while his bigtit stepmom Brooke Barclays washes up. They have a good relationship, with Parker obediently doing his chores and asking permission before he goes out. When Brooke gives Parker a titty hug and then asks if he needs anything else, he claims he could use some titty milk. Brooke agrees that it's only natural, but he can't be asking that here.
Lulu Chu is tired of her parents treating her like a child, so she runs away to live with Brooke, her step-auntie. Brooke Barclays is happy to receive her at her place, but she explains to her that she and her husband Pierce have some special rules around the house. For starters, they don’t usually wear clothes, leading a much freer life at home. Secondly, sexuality is not a taboo at Brooke’s, as Pierce likes to freeuse her all the time. Finally, every guest is invited to participate and enjoy the house’s freedom. Lulu is accustomed to her step-auntie’s way of life, but her doubts soon vanish when she gets to go parade naked around the house and savor her step-uncle’s cock.
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Elias has finally reached graduation day, and although it took extreme effort and focus, he was able to cross the finish line. His stepmom, Brooke Barclays, and his step-aunt, Vanessa Cage, couldn’t be more proud of the young stud, and as a graduation present, they throw all rules out the window for the week. Now, while Elias enjoys his freedom from school, he can also fuck around with Brooke and Vanessa to his heart’s content. This means if he feels like feeling up their massive tits, he can, no questions asked. Brooke and Vanessa are happy to give up their bodies for a while if it means keeping Elias motivated, and hey, he deserves a reward for his hard work, right?